Marines or Paras

I'd say with your research and cognitive skills you should apply for the Intelligence Corps.
If I was you I would just go to your local careers office and find out as much information on both from there. You can also ask to go on a Para insight course to see if its for you.


I leave school in a few weeks and have not decided which I want to join.

Royal Marines


The Parachute Regiment


Travels most?
Hardest Training?
Most Elite?
Pays Most?
Doesn't put up with most bs?
Most laughs?
Sees most action?

My wifes brother in law spent many years in the Marines. He tells me that if you are thick and queer enough to ask such a question, you most definitley belong with the Para things.
And the boring sock puppet wanker strikes again. Not to worry, a MOD will be along shortly to bin this and ban you. Throbber
If you join the Marines after a couple of years you WILL get drafted to become a driver, signaller etc. At least if you join the Paras you know what you are going to do. The Marines advert of 99.9% need not apply should be 99.9% wouldn't have applied had they known after licking their balls out on an arduous course they would get drafted to do some wank job they didn't sign up for!!!