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Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by Kiddeh, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. Right before people start given me all this "oh its your decision don't ask us just do what you think is right" don't bother lads.... it helps no one.... if u wanna get ur post count up like a loser go to the joke section and say wow thats funny to all the jokes no matter how lame they might be....

    ok i'm mad stressed! and need serious feedback on my problem.... now as you may or may not now from my previous posts i applied to the Irish Army last year and was put on a panel for a waiting list... and recently Eamon O'Cuiv announced there taken on more PDF ladeens.... i got word the other day that i'm to do the medical with 85 other lads and lad-erellas who were also on the panel...

    fair enough says most now frankly i know why i didnt get in last time and was put on a panel... im very fit and know what army lifestyle is like also i dont think, i know i have the right mentality, unfortunately i'm not the interview king.... so i had accepted that i could have been waiting for up to a year and decided i wasn't bothered and investigated joining another army.... which obviously led me to want to join the British Army... although after inquiry's etc... i decided on the Royal Marines in the Royal Navy.... so needless to say i've trained up and i'm near ready to go for it (still slightly low on the push ups only pushin out 52-54 max but everything else is dandy).... have flights booked and all for March 12th.... have my accommodation set up and up until the other day i was rearin to go!

    now i face a predicament.... I really want to join the Royal Marines i mean.... its not just a job its a career... it pays well... your well looked after and are qualified on a bollock loada things when and if you decide to leave it.... i get to do something i love.... and experience things most wont.... BUT!!! i'm not guaranteed to get it..... and so my problem arises....

    i mean im so set for the PDF at this stage... i may as well discharge myself from the RDF.... i'm in perfect health and am up on the panel so there'll be no worrys there but i dont know if its what i want any more.... i know a loada lads that wear the flag full time and say there just glorified cleaners doin mine sweeps round the barracks for cigarette butts and doin guard.... possibly gettin a station to Port Laoise Prison or the cash transit crew.... also they cant see much of a future in it.... though they have been to Chad and the Leb and they loved it.... basically im torn on what i should do.... its essentially me setting up the rest of my life.... do i just say **** it and stay home with lads i know or do i jump on the plane on the 12th of march.....

    any input lads much appreciated and if anyone has any info on how likely a lad would be to get the marines please god giz a shout.... is it just a fitness thing and have the right frame of mind or do they expect you to wow them in an interview?
  2. Where are you flying to? can't you just hope over the border and inquire about the RM or R IRISH etc do selction and take it from there?
  3. you can ye.... u can start the process here and then go over there for the PRMC and take it from there.... but i know i'll pass the medical and fitness tests no bother just im not sure do they judge u on your eligibility through a shite interview or do they let people go to the PRMC to show what there like as a person and what there made of.... besides i think goin to england shows that im dead serious about it and its not just a passing thought....

    oh and im flying into Southampton.... and staying in Portsmouth with a family friend who was a WO1 in the Royal Navy and has a friend in the recruitment office who said he'd talk me though anything i'd need help with regarding interviews etc.... so i mean i'd rather go and have a serious chat with people who know exactly what the marines want rather than talk to someone who has no connection to them up the north... just choice i spose
  4. I really don't think anyone one will be able to advise you better than the advice you'll get in Portsmouth. I personally would just go ahead with what you have said above. There is far far more opportunities in the British armed forces than th IDF can ever offer.

  5. Flamingo, he`ll end up in the Rifles at this rate.
  6. That's just a risk he'll have to take! :)
  7. what in particular would u recommend i look for flamingo? bit lost like

    and RGJ is like RoyalGreenJacket i believe ye??? is he a marine thats irish or is he just a lad in the know?
  8. PM RoyalGreenJacket IMO Discussion Board - View Profile: RoyalGreenJacket, he's the site resident expert on recruiting Irishmen into the British Army. He's not a marine, but he's guided a few chaps through the process from an Irish perspective. I believe he's ex FCA as well

    Make sure you are sending a PM, not a visitor message if you are sending anything you would prefer not to be open, as visitor messages can be read by everybody.
  9. nah sure what'd i be sayin that i didnt want folks ta see :p eh ye so just to clarify u think i should say toss the March platoon in the PDF and go for the RM?
  10. thanks Flamingo.

    YES Kiddeh - join the Royal Marines (or British Army)

    but Kiddeh you are going abut this the wrong way mate - you don't have to leave Ireland to join the British Army or Royal Marines. the Army / Navy will pay for you to travel to the Career Information Offices in Northern Ireland and they will advise you, test you and guide you into your chosen career properly.

    you will be no better off joining form Portsmouth other than being able to chat to other Royal Marines that you might encounter in the Walkabout or other fine drinking establishments in Pompey. the fact that you are on here asking for advice kind of negates any point in travelling to the UK just for information you can get on here.

    my advice is join the British Army, or Royal Marines. 1RIFLES might be an option for you as they also have a Commando Role and a lot of their fitter lads are getting the Commando Course under their belt, but if a Bootneck is what you want to be, then the Royal Marines it can only be.

    by all means wait at home for something to come up in the Irish DF, however we have better pay and conditions and the travel and adventure opportunities are far greater - so is the prospect of being killed or very seriously injured to be honest and you really need to consider if you are ready for that or not. you might be waiting a long time in Ireland for a slot to come up in the Irish DF for you so don't waste time and come join us.

    if you need any advice on life in the British Army, then pm me on here or IMO and i'll help where i can.
  11. sure feck it i've the flights booked RGJ i may as well trot along to Portsmouth and do it there if thats what i finally decide on.... bleedin stress of deciding before March 1st what the rest of my life is gonna pan out like....

    as i said in the first post i dont have to wait for the Irish Army anymore.... they want me for March once i pass this medical this week thus where my stress comes from..... do i go for the sure thing or the better option..... its like bein out drinking.... do i go for the fat bird or her hot mate..... i mean the fat bird is a definite but the fit bird is a lash and ya can brag to your m8s about gettin in there :judge: what to do what to do.....

    anyway banged off a PM to ya on her RGJ take a wee gander :)
  12. Just go for it big man.Iv done 4 1/2 years PDF,due to be discharged this week.I start training for the Rifles the 6th March and cant wait.I enjoyed my time in the PDF but it just didn't offer enough to me in terms of travel,adventure and a chance to do some proper soldiering.
    I also thought about joining the Royal Marines,but decided on the army as i realized the army is a bigger unit and can offer me more opportunities.I decided on the Rifles in the end as they have a BN in the commando role and am hoping to give that a lash eventually.
    If you need any advice am sure RGJ will be happy enough to steer you in the right direction.He is a top bloke and has helped me through the whole process.

    As far as i know there is 80 recruits being trained in April in the PDF,my advice is to knock that on the head and go across the water.
  13. It depends on why you want to join (a military)? Is it for career, to fight, to get away from home, etc etc? During your training you will ask yourself why am I here you need to know the answer (it isn't something anyone can advise you on).

    From your first post you have only very recently decided on RM, it requires a hell of a lot of commitment to get throught the longest recruit training in the world (both physically and mentally).

    Why not join the PDF and then thing about RM?

    If you join RM you will be emigrating and leaving friends and family, if you join the PDF you chances of getting overseas are not as high.

    In the economic environment at home we all know people who have immigrated. From what you are saying it reads to me that you are turning down a guaranteed offer of a good job (once training is finished it isn't too hard at all) to go to an interview!

    My 2 cents is the only person who can make the decision is yourself, look at the pros and cons of each and don't listen to anyone who tries to push in either direction (remember the recruiters (for both) for paid to get people in the door)!