marines handed back

Sounds like a no tea and digestives interview shortly 8O

But bloody good news they're out and safe. Interesting their captors kept them abreast of Euro 2004 though :D
pity i had a cunning plan which involved swapping trident for them. We get rid of a white elephant upset the yanks and israels and russians and make lots of money servicing it for them training crews etc etc


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Glad the rags saw the light and that the lads are back in 'safety'.

At least they'll get buns & sympathy back at their unit. NOBODY will rip the p!ss out of them


Congrats on safe return.

They looked good on TV while in captivity: stoic and seemingly unconcerned as if they were waiting in the lobby for a conference with their accountant.


The booties are getting into a habit of becoming geographically embarassed whilst attempting to navigate small boats. Do you suppose some twisted swine has been tampering with their GPS?

Or is it just incompetence?

I think we should be told...
Part of the problem is that the border there is defined as the thalweg - a boxhead term taken over into international law for the centre line of the deepwater channel. As the sands shift constantly, the channel does too and hence the border is in a different place every day.


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demarcation said:
Glad the rags saw the light and that the lads are back in 'safety'
Sorry, you get told off for using non-PC terms like that nowadays on ARRSE. Tsk tsk!
Ok, for the benifit of the pc-bde I'd better point out that 'rags' is an Urdu abbreviation for 'Camel jockeys'

bit of a bugger if you signed for one of the boats
doubt you can pick up a replacement from silvermans :lol:
though there were some going cheap on ebay although postage isn't inculded :evil:

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