Marines at camp-do-nothing in Afgan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shaka, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. daily mail, what a complete and utter waste of trees!
  2. That's life.

    Seems to positively "spin" the conditions, maybe I'm just not tuned into journalists writing from a "Boots fit mail gettting through" "Alls well" perspective

    Especilly from the mail

    If there is no fighting there is no fighting.

    Why do I get a niggling feeling about the flavour of this report.

    answers on a postcard
  3. Hmmmm join the marines, come to Afghanistan its brill !!!!
  4. If my ageing eyes don't deceive me the picture of the marines playing pool are Household Cav, looks like their DZ flash and the 16 AA badge on their left arm. Maybe mistaken though.
  5. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Basic journalism. They are 16 AA troops, not 3 Cdo Bde. They can't even get that right.
  6. Compare the Mail story to one in the Telegraph today...

  7. Nice though to see the booties talking about fighting, while the paras where doing it.

    Hopefully keep them safe though.

    Good camp, see what would you do without RE?
  8. I thought it was a foregone conclusion that that'd be the state of play. Dont the Taliban withdraw to the hills for the winter?

    Im sure they'd survive without the RE, Jim.. Theyre all really good at digging shellscrapes and trenches.. :wink:
  9. took a few few posts for the sly dig to appear, at least it was from a badge collector rather than a para :D
  10. Issues with this Daily/Sunday Mail sh1t in no particular order

    The photo is not of Marines (already mentioned).


    42 Company?

    I imagine 'Jesus' Company are especially threaders about that.

    Recruits? So CTC has been relocated east?

    Credited to 42 Commando's CO

    Even he? Why, is SoS some sort of military god, the new Slim, the new Mountbatten, the new Guy Gibson? The kind of guy you'd want around when the sh1t hits the fan?

    Then again......... :twisted:
  11. "I reach the base after a seven-hour flight to Kabul from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire in an aging Tristar troop carrier"

    Took me 17 hours in a herc!

    "While the Paras complained of lack of supplies and poor food, the Marines live in relative luxury, with air-conditioning, hot showers, proper flushable toilets, 20 minutes of internet access a day and a free 30-minute phone call home each week"

    At Bastion... What about the platoon houses?

    "The camp, which has never come under fire, is the largest British base ever built, including during the Second World War."

    No it isn't.

    I personally hope that the young action hungry marines never have to face the reality of fighting. I don't like the tone of this report at all.
  12. Well since very similar articles with the same quotes (and wrong facts, captions and ranks...) appeared in the Telegraph and several other papers as well would it be more like the MoD trying to spin Afghanistan and cover up their lack of equipment and failure to support the guys etc in the field where the fighting takes place......along the lines of 'look taxpayers..lots of facilities - nothing but the best for Our Boys...' I'm waiting until Monday for the headline 'It wos the Sun that got Our Boys this new all singing all dancing camp etc'.....

    I note they still say nothing about the use of snatch rovers and incredibly the fact that the Marines are using their Viking winter warfare vehicles in the desert! You couldn't make it up!

    Go see Dickie North for more comments on this spin by MoD:
  13. Cab, what a brilliant attempt to spin crap reporting as being the governments fault
  14. Or is the point that these are exactly the same mistakes etc? In which case what is the source?