Marines and Paras

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by suzywong, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. What makes them the elite? How do the army instill the values and discipline they posess? Would be interesting to hear some thoughts and opinions on this topic. :D

    ps. I am studying Anthropology at uni but am also an army child, whose mum and dad and brother were in the army. I have always been interested in the army as it has been a huge part of my life and thought may aswell do an essay on a certain aspect of the army. Still researching what to do but the training that these guys go through is most interesting..... HARDCORE.
  2. It's something to do with the sexual deviancy I believe.
  3. As long as they get naked once a week they dont care about anything else.
  4. Aye, vigorous buggery, premium lager and plenty of tuna baguettes.
  5. [nowah] As an army child you should of course know that the army do not instill anything to do with the Marines! [/nowah]

    However sexual deviancy and nakedness as noted above will of course be the core values possessed by both! With or without rollmats of course!
  6. A selection process helps as we weed out the weak and those who have below par soldiering abilities. This leaves us with those that are more highly motivated then let's say some other capbadges. Though other units do possess highly trained soldiers on the whole Para Regt is just that little better (or in some cases alot better). Training in Battalion is also tough and we are usually pushed further then what another infantry unit would be to be honest. Pride also plays an important role. As for discipline, all soldiers are instilled with it throughout training and throughout their careers but just like our civilian counterparts you get the 'bad apples'.

    Anyway, be prepared for some childish comments as they always crop up when Paras are mentioned. This is usually due to jealousy and/or malicious rumours they have heard elsewhere.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    What are you doing this weekend?

    Head down to Aldershot or Poole and ask around a few bars, there will be many willing to demonstrate the answers to your will be an enlightening experience I promise.
  8. My recruitment Sergeant failed to mention any of that. :?
  9. Try it you might like it :wink:

    PS post the pics in the gallery so we can see if you are doing it right.
  10. lol... I am asking for trouble here...... forgetting the army mentality......
  11. Don't forget how modest you all are, too. F*cking grunt.
  12. In case you are unaware the Brigade moved a while back. Still plenty of old* and bold in the 'Shot though.

    *and not so old.
  13. That was probably a well structured answer by FSG and I dont think he was relating his comments to anything other than other infantry units. Nothing to do with Corps', was there any real need for that, think it shows that you the uneducated knobber!!

    Hang on a minuteyou joined the Army to be a postie?? Yeah mega that is, join the Army to do a civvie job.
  14. Just remember, the only reason you have a job in the first place is to support us grunts! Unless you're a walt. :wink: