Marines and Brits Make Headway in Helmand


British troops moved into areas on the western flank of US Marines fighting in Garmser, allowing the Marines to continue their push south in a running battle with Taliban forces that the US commander on the ground describes as, “the most intense (fighting)”. Since the fighting began, Marines have been involved in more than 100 firefights.

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Lt. Col. Pete Petronzio, commanding officer of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Force, says the fighting his combat element has seen is ”fairly consistent” since a combined US/British/Afghan force retook the district center, Garmser in an operation dubbed, “Asada Wosa”. The four day battle in early May was spearheaded by 1st Battalion, Sixth Marines and killing an estimated 150 fighters, many of them foreign. Three Marines died in May: Two, including the acting Command Sgt. Major, died in an IED attack on their convoy en route to Helmand Province. A Marine sniper was also killed May 19th when he was hit by small arms fire.

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - U.S. marines clawed their way south along the Helmand River valley over the weekend in an ongoing push that the commander of the battle-hardened assault force hopes is easing the pressure on the Canadians in neighbouring Kandahar.

The level of fighting "has stayed fairly consistent" since they began arriving in southern Afghanistan earlier this spring, but "the last three days have probably been the most intense as we move further south," said Col. Pete Petronzio, who leads the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

"My marines are doing a great job."
Good stuff, Highlights major problem though "killing an estimated 150 fighters, many of them foreign." Now surely people of muslim origin/culture/etc should be vetted if flying out to syria, pakistan and such, as seen on BBC's 7 days to war with the londener who later went on to do 16 weeks fighting the yanks in iraq then tried to get back and got sold out.

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