Marines Advertise Looming Offensive on Marja

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. And this about the anticipated fight:

  2. Think I read something about this place 'being the expected area of a large offensive soon' on the 'USMC casualties provoke...' press release thread. Struck me as being a la Para Bn in Falklands having their intentions given away but I'm surprised it's intentionally been put out there, at least unless this is all a hoax.

    Well, best of luck to the USMC with their next big job.
  3. Nah, Psy-ops. It's a gambit to make all the weaker willed, cash motivated insurgents decide to leg it.

    I smirked a little at the thought of the locals, "just staying behind closed doors and being alright". Yep, when the CAS comes calling just don't answer the knock on the ceiling, you'll be cushty.
  4. I guess thats what I meant by 'hoax', disinformation or misinformation. Could equally be a feint to try and concentrate hardliners in this town I thought. Anyhow, somethings afoot, whatever it is hopefully they pull it off.
  5. Roger, out.