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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by marine-x, Jan 7, 2005.

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  1. hey arrsewipe how the fcuk would u know , you lot are not in the triangle fighting baathists jihadis and the like your sitting on your limey arrse in basra us yanks are doing the hard work moron, and don't ever forget.
  2. Marine X said

    "hey arrsewipe how the fcuk would u know , you lot are not in the triangle fighting baathists jihadis and the like your sitting on your limey arrse in basra us yanks are doing the hard work moron, and don't ever forget."

    Fuck off you bullshiting wannabe. You havent even been out there I bet. If you are or have been explain this, why are you still using shit urban tactics that just dont work. You sould take a leaf out of hartbreak ridge "Improvise, adapt and overcome".

    But hey your Hollywood pals will make it all rosie in your eyes when they make another Bullshit film about the US military.

    The real US military are not a bad bunch. Pity they have " Walters " like you.

  3. Marine-x

    Ok, you don't agree with PJ's statement , but I'm sure you're intelligent enough to phrase that without resorting to flowery prose.

    We have other current and Ex USMC , US Army and Specfor personnel posting on this site, all of whom seem able to get their disagreement across without dropping the old anglo-saxon into it.

    If you have a point, make it strongly, no one would expect you NOT to defend your teams'corner , but making it like that , just makes you look like a caricature.

    And of course, leaves you open to abuse, both from the 'Limeys' and your own team.

    1 hour delete notice in effect - as Empire is quicker on a keyboard than I am :D
  4. Your blood appears to be up almost every time you post on ARRSE - just about all of your postings contain anti-British sentiment of some sort.

    You also appear to be remarkably badly informed. British troops have been involved in operations in the 'Triangle', working alongside US military. A senior US officer there described the Brits as 'awesome'. A number of British soldiers were killed and wounded. Quite apart from that, UK forces have been involved in operations in the south of Iraq since the outset; it has not been the easy life you seem to imagine it to be, as other members here can testify through experience.

    You should remember that many of us have worked with US forces in the past; some have been impressed, others not - all can qualify their comments.

    You should also be aware that at times the US military have done themselves no favours - blue on blue incidents, the appalling behaviour at Abu Ghraib and the regular hosing of wedding parties by trigger-happy Americans spring to mind.

    We are all entitled to our opinions here, and you will not find type censorship-moderation here. This is meant to be a serious forum as pointed out by PTP. Semi-literate insults are of no interest (except in the NAAFI), do not contribute to the debate and serve only to make you look a plonker.
  5. I dont bad mouth anyone. I respond to what I see as comments that are on here to wind us up.

    The only clown I see here is a wannabe US marine.

    Go back to or what other hole you crawled from, or, alternatively you could start posting as an adult.

    I am serving and I have served in the Triangle as you call it.

    What about yourself
  6. well Elviral bonker it's pretty damn rich being accused of anti-brit sentiment as you so idiotically call it from someone who him/her/it self has regarded the americans with nothing but sneering contemptas do many others on this site,you throw crap at uncle sam it'll come around back,if charlie cornwallis were here he'd tell you the same, i have read your posts so don't give me any of that shite, yeah the BW did a hell of a job the difference is i have no problems giving credit where it is due,while people like youseem to search high and low for crap to throw at us yanks. BTW in afghanistan when the pissups of condor and snipe went down Rummy and Hoon praised Roger Lane before they gave him the sack, and yes 5 BW members died very tragic but so did nearly a 100 of our guys in falluja so lets keep things in perspective.Well southern iraq may not be a pleasant experience but it's quiet comfy compared to being attacked 50 times a day in the triangle. And as far as our as our "ghastly" behaiviour goes spare me the sanctimonious horse shite that was an isolated incident in AG which was blown way out of proportion and compared to my lai by the guardian and BBC among others and used to unfairly slander all the american forces ditto with the wedding party incident, you want ghastly what about bloody sunday,internment , the south african concentration camps if you got rid of your rose tinted glasses you would realize you have no moral authority to whine and pass judgement on us.Trigger happiness such as when one brit tank knocked off another? perhaps or punching up and murdering a innocent iraqi, whether you brits are impressed by us is of no consequence to my freinds who are out there now doing the hard work while armchair critics like you whine from the comfort of their comps.And if you looked closely you'd realize that semy literate insults are the staple of much of your media and members this site
  7. You thick, illiterate cnut. Can I smell your mom through her shiny tights please?
  8. on my way after i complete school i know freinds out there though and they are mightyly pissed at the s**t that you and your chums are spewing. Hell you have effectively been doing all the winding up i kept quiet until i saw the garbage that your mate PJ was throwing out. At they don't at least talk the same kind of prissy BS that you do they respect your opinion even if they dont agree, what were you doing in the triangle then manning the canteens and whining to the guardian. :evil:
  9. Listen kid, until youve actually done something a little more dangerous than w a nk off with a set of hair curlers, I suggest you wind your neck in. Grow up or shut up. Like it over at did you?
  10. eh, arent u that fag from NAAFI well hell my mom will just chop your dick off and shove it up your dark regions, before get jiggy with your peroxide ho of a mum beeach
  11. marine x, this is Current Affairs. If you wish to have a slanging match, take it to the NAAFI.
  12. Well, marine-x, having waded through your somewhat circumloquacious response, it is a shame you take such a narrow view and seem unable to take points in the context in which they are made. It is tempting to respond with 'whatever', but just once I will try to clarify a few points.

    I shall ignore your infantile name-calling, though see my earlier comment in re the NAAFI. Time and place, and so on.

    I have, during over 20 years with HM Forces, served with Americans a number of times. Some were good, some not. If I comment upon things American it is usually from experience; I have family there and have visited many times for both work and pleasure. As for searching for crap to throw at the yanks, I think you'll find that in general people who 'throw crap' are responding to your puerile and xenophobic posts - we don't have to search for the crap - you kindly provide as much as we need.

    The deaths of soldiers in Iraq should not be the subject of some sort of macabre scoreboard as you seem to think. But to put the deaths in context, the US is a bigger country than the UK, with a proportionately larger military. The proportion of deaths per 1000 personnel is almost exactly the same when comparing US/UK.

    I would tend to disagree that southern Iraq is 'comfy'; there are many incidents in that area too, which have been well documented elsewhere. If you think the Americans have it rough, you should look to the US commanders who determined the AORs. Additionally, you would do well to remember just whose idea this war was in the first place.

    I regret to advise you that I am not responsible for the reporting of either the Guardian or the BBC; if you have problems with them, contact the organistaions concerned.

    You refer to 'the wedding party incident' - which one? There have been several similar incidents. Abu Ghraib may have been 'an isolated incident' (though the abuse appeared to be fairly regular and systematic to most observers), but its consequences were very far-reaching, and may indeed have contributed to the hatred felt by some Iraqis to the West, and thus to the deaths of Coalition servicemen.

    What about Bloody Sunday? Are you pre-empting the findings of the inquiry, or are you an Irish Republican sympathiser? Internment was used in WWII, both in the US and the UK, and we also used it for a while in NI - you have not said, however, what you feel was wrong with it. It is true that the British invented concentration camps, during the Boer War (1899 - 1902), but has not used them since. Their subsequent use has been by the Germans and the Russians, though some may say that Guantanamo Bay is in the same vein. What can be said of all these things is that we learned from them, and moved on, in the same way that the US dealt with slavery, segregation and so on during its history.

    This is neither whining nor passing judgment on the US, I am merely expresing the opinion to which I am entitled. It's that freedom of speech thing you lot bang on about so much.

    Blue on blue incidents are tragic and some of them are probably inevitable in war. However, consider the bombing of the Canadians by US Air Force aircraft - the pilots were shown to have disobeyed orders: or the negligent shooting down of a Tornado by a US Army Patriot battery: or the various attacks on targets of no military value which have turned out to be Coalition assets? There have just been too many for them all to have been unavoidable. Incidents of US soldiers firing indiscriminately before properly identifying targets are still occurring regularly. However, this has been discussed at length on these boards and I would not wish to have to go through it all again.

    I can find no record of any British personnel being convicted of murdering innocent Iraqis, so am not sure what you are talking about.

    I do not doubt that your mates in Iraq will not be bothered about our opinion; this may be unwise, however, because ultimately the US needs the Coalition.

    I mention literacy because the problem with these posts is that they are difficult to read, they make you look poorly educated, and the insults get in the way of the points you are trying to make. Everyone makes the occasional mistake, but you seem to think it's a virtue. The place for trading banter and insults is the NAAFI. If you think that our media does not spell or punctuate their insults correctly then take it up with them.

    I don't, in general, have a problem with the US. Unlike you, however, I do not think it or its armed forces can do no wrong. If you have really read my posts you will see that I feel the same about the UK.
  13. and as promised , here it is :D
  14. Does an angst-ridden, poison-mouthed 16 year old really deserve this much effort?
  15. He's still at school..give him a break....I have just waded through his posts he needs whatever time is left to him to study literacy, history etc