Marine-x - mong exposed!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mazur_UK, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. I was talking to an aquaintance of mine who is in USMC. I started talking about how a guy named 'marine-x' had posted on ARRSE and made himself look like a d1ckhead. Conversation went as follows (spacing added for easy reading and edited for swearing and names - 'nick' is also a marine NCO):

    Nick - USMC says:
    in my unit ther is a guy who said he posted on some brit forums where all the brits are d1cks

    Mazur says:
    read some of his posts on ARRSE

    Nick - USMC says:
    sure sound like what this guy told us he said to somee brit guys

    Mazur says:
    bit of a dick aint he mate?

    Nick - USMC says:
    he sure is , he is making all marine look like dishonorable idiots the fu*ker

    Mazur says:
    so whats this guy like?

    Nick - USMC says:
    he has been in logner than me and is still not a nco, he is also a jerk in general

    Mazur says:
    beat him up mate :D

    Nick - USMC says:
    i might do that, ill show some of the guys and see what they think.

    *EDIT* random post i know, but i felt the truth must out!

    thanks for that - hooped. mk
  2. He might be a bit of a knob, but holding a grudge for 2 1/2 years just because he posted some crap on ARRSE seems a tad extreme.

    Have you been stalking him ever since?
  3. :oops: maybe....

    no i was just reading through old threads in a moment of bordom and mentioned it to 'Nick'
  4. He's probably related to himself in a variety of illegal ways.