Marine VHF Transmitter/Receiver

Radio Comms is not my forte, I'm trying to set myself up to use VHF Comms from my private vehicle. I need to be able to listen and talk to the coastguard.

Ideally speaking I'm looking for a unit which will not require permanent fixtures in my car (resale issues etc...)

is it possible to get a handheld and boost its range with a mag mount antenna?

Is it possible to get a set which will plug in to a 3.5mm Jack so I can use it through my current car stereo?

Or is it possible to get a set which doubles as a car radio/cd player (doubtful)

The technical mumbo on the websites I have found has fried my brain to an extent. Cost is an issue on this set up but I do not want to sacrifice functionality.
It sounds as if you need a maritime set with channel 16 capability. Google channel Channel 16 radio or similar it should give you info and point of sales.
There certainly are handheld marine transceivers. And many have an earpiece jack, which you could connect to a similar jack on your car radio. Not sure if any have a socket for an external antenna though.

You could also do what many taxi drivers used to do: radio of the type intended for installation on a boat, sitting on the floor (not fixed to the car at all), powered off the cigarette lighter socket, mag mount antenna on roof, antenna cable in through window. Not a super professional setup, but OK for occasional use.
Thanks if I can find a hand held with 3.5m jack it may work to a decent degree. It's either that or I look at installing one into my glove box (I live in a crap area and don't really want anything looking expensive/out if place)
Speak to a supplier from ICOM, they have a few clever optional extras; not sure if they will meet your needs, but they will doubtless be able to guide you.

The advice about Icom is good. I have had a 5 watt Icom handheld for years. It works great for my purposes.
Handhelds usually transmit at 5 or 6 watts, most reasonably priced installed marine VHF radios are 25 watts.

One things about Icom though. If you buy a new one buy any accessories (e.g. handheld mike) at the same time. Icom sometimes changes connectors etc and once they change the parts are unavailable. Once lost the mike from a 2m ham rig and had a hard time getting a connector for another mike.

Not sure if current Icom handhelds have a mag mount antenna available from Icom. However they frequency range of a Marine VHF radio is only about 12-14 mHz higher so a 1/4 wave whip could easily cut to be resonant on the marine VHF band. I suspect nipping about 3cm of a 2 meter whip would do the job but before you cut you might contact a qualified radio technician as it is a lot easier to cut something than uncut it.

By the way, it may seem obvious but if you are working with the coast guard in some way you might ask them as to what they suggest as to radio setup. Also, no idea of UL laws on radio use. In the US, if you own a boat you just mail in a form but might be different there.
Spoken briefly to other volunteers but they seem incapable of cutting out the techno speak. I'll get there in the end I'm sure. I'll have a good look at icom when I get home. Thanks

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