Marine Recruiter in Fahrenheit Mourned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 9, 2006.

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    RIP and Semper Fi
  2. That is what you call a "Marines Marine".
    Wish I had been made of the same stuff. RIP.
  3. What a man! RIP to him and all the fallen.
  4. RIP SSgt. Maybe we don't wear the same uniform but when the brown-hits-the-fan all-in-all it doesn't matter a damn.
  5. RIP fella,

    I see once again that pathetic excuse for a human being M Moore manages to pish me off. I would dearly love to plant one right between his piggy , beady little eyes.

  6. Michael Moore's e-mail address:
    In case anyone wants it. I'm e-mailing this article to him.
  7. RIP to this US Marine, and all the fallen.
  8. Chief Joseph's original submission had the footnote 'written by a friend'. This has since been removed. Can you clear up the confusion over whether Sharon Cohen, Associated Press staff writer is in fact a friend?

    The original story comes from an entertainment website, and as a mini-hagiography, it does succeed.
    But my main point in responding is to ask why Chief Joseph didn't just let it lie and say R.I.P at the end? He felt the need to indulge himself by having a pop at Michael Moore, thereby making the first descent into the why's and wherefore's, which elicited my response.

    I made a request for some balance. I can see that the man's friends and family and comrades will be mourning him - and I appreciate that. But staff writers at Entertainment News or whatever are there to hijack the relatives' grief and mould it into their perception of what the American Public demands - this is obvious in their choice of language.

    You have to be very careful not to be used and manipulated by people with their own agenda.

    There was an example back in 1982 of The Sun printing an exclusive story following an interview with the widow of posthumous V.C. winner Sergeant McKay. The story was a fiction dreamed up and published because the public demanded it. The interview never actually took place. This isn't quite as blatant, but it's along the same lines.
  9. No it didn't, I gave you an obituary for a dead Iraqi after you asked if anyone could show you a similar obituary for one of them. A good friend of mine wrote this

    I'll remove my comment if it so pleases you, but Moore's interviewer lied to him about the documentary and exploited him. I think he ought to answer for that.
  10. There are half a dozen posts on here between Frenchperson and I. Where have they gone?? Are the mods playing games or is it a snafu? If it has been pulled could the mod involved have the decency to PM me with the reason why??
  11. RIP and Semper Fi S/Sgt
  12. Check your PM's Guru.