Marine RECON selection documentary - Surviving The Cut

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by postman_twit, May 11, 2012.

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  1. Is Sluggy in it?

    "pick up the stick!"
  2. What were "my boys" up to?
  3. Square dancing,barn raising,apple pie baking and going to church on Sundays! Just the usual.
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  4. What? No nekkid roll mat fighting?
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  5. Seven Brothers for Seven Brothers?
  6. That brings back old memories!!

  7. No problem.Mr PotUS has now said it's ok to have same sex relationships.
  8. I love USMC gunny sgt's, or at least how they are portrayed, they make me smile.

    I only once had the full on scream in your face experience when I was serving, there was 7 of us bootnecks transfering the old forward cab style ambulances down from London to Guz during the ambulance strike and we had to stay over at Blandford? so crashed in the guardroom and with it being the night before Crimbo leave we decided to join the party in the NAAFI bar, having nothing to wear we used the bedding to make togas out of and of we went. Someone decided to try and wake us up by screaming and shouting and putting the lights on the next morning but got a chorus of "**** offs" for their trouble. We got up about nine ish. Next thing there's three swamped mattresses and a very excited Guard commander who's lost his sense of humour. We got lined up against the wall and some little stripey with a peaked cap pulled down to the end of his nose was strutting about like a peacock on heat, **** he was humour, anyway he went up to one of the lads, stood on tiptoes and nose to nose started screaming like a banshie, well, what can you do, the lad getting a bollocking started to giggle, I was trying to suppress my laughter but lost it at this point. We all ended up sniggering and giggling at the clown. He got the hump and stormed off, we got bimbled around to the QM's paid for three mattresses (that already had maps of Africa on them when we arrived) and carried on with our journey to Guz.
  9. JJH - how'd the training differ there from when you went through it? Looks pretty intense.

    Although on another note i'm surprised at how much different a platoon level attack looks to what i'm used to?
  10. Well of course it was harder, better, more ally etc. etc. in my day! ;-)

    Seriously though it was hard but not like now---much more purposeful and dare I say "sophisticated" in the sense that the challenges and work are more thought through and relevant to their eventual duties with MARSOC.

    In my day it was much less that and rather more brutal harassment to try to make you quit. Overall the modern day various qualification course are much more complex and thorough especially in terms of technological advances--especially comm. when we went patrolling it was not a question of if our comm failed but when. That is not a very good feeling when deep in indian country.
  11. There's a better link to the whole thing here: Surviving the Cut: Marine Recon Full [HD] - YouTube

    Looks like a tough course. Other than the presentation (a lot of macho romanticism from DS and overt emotion from the troops), it looks very similar in content and difficulty to a British Army PNCO cadre.
  12. Indeed-I saw little difference in beasting between RIP (recon indoctrination program as selection used to be called) and the CTCRM cadre approach early on at least.
  13. NOT trying to compare the two, but having watched the Recon vid I also clicked on the aussie SAS selection vid that appeared on the same Youtube page.

    Their selection contains no training, just tests, and they use what one of the DS described as a 'silent running' system.

    No beasting, no praise, no encouragement and equally no criticism whatsover to the candidates who therefore have no real frame of reference as to how they are doing.

    Coupled with having to carry a voluntary disharge form with them at all times it must play merry hell with the psyche.

    Plus completing everything doesn't mean automatic entry either, so the ones that do make it must be of a very special type of individual.

    Never been anywhere near any SF stuff but the lack of beasting must feel very strange to an ordinary trained soldier.
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