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Discussion in 'RLC' started by just_jay, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. alrite lads, i am quite interesting in either going paras or marines i am not 100% sure in what the rules are.. i know there is 13 air assualt, but what is there avaliable to me in marines.

    i am like 70/30 wanting to do marines because to earn the green beret is such an achievement, you see alot of maroon berets and wings. can i have some information about if i am able to go marines.. and what will change about my job.
  2. Why are you asking this infantry question in the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) forum?

    Also, this question really has been done to death.
  3. Aren't you in training at the moment as an RLC driver? Do you wan't to transfer to the infantry or do you mean you want to stay in the RLC and either go Airborne or Commando? If this is the case you won't be a Para or a Marine but a RLC soldier who is airborne or commando trained.
  4. NOOO NOOO sorry ok my gramtical skills realy fucked this one up then. i want to be RLC commando or para, not just para/marine. yer i want to be a rlc soldier commando trained.

    how do i go about this, once i have finished my trade training am i able to do the all arms commando course to become a commando. also does anybody how long the course will last? as im already trained soldier i assume its shorter then the normal course.

    also will i just be posted to a normal unit as there are no commando RLC units?
  5. Why not just go airborne RLC. At least then you get an extra £156.00 a month. Commando trained personnel get nothing extra. If there aren't any commando trained regular RLC units i suppose you've no option.
  6. In our trade anyway, you can be posted straight from "trade-training school" to Cdo Log Regt at Chivenor. The "beat-up" is now run a CTCRM, but you will obviously have to pass internal CLR tests before they will send you down there, obviously they want to be seen to sending down lads who have a hope of passing and not some embarrassing nugget!
    You will do the All Arms Cdo Cse, which is different from the RM Cdo Cse but the same final tests. Remember, you do RM CFT and BFT of which the BFT bit is in boots not trainers and the 30' rope climb with CEFO weighing 30lbs.
    All the above is from the prejoining booklet from CTCRM.
  7. There are RLC reg Cdo Units. Just back from Herrick and going to Norway soon.
  8. hello mate. i am in 29 commando. you can be posted anywhere as a commando trained soldier and your job stays pretty much the same apart from the fact it can be a little more testing/interesting if you are in a commando role and you need to be a lot fitter than if you were in some RLC will deploy a lot more and always be on exercise in norway/ otterburn/ cape wrath/ poland, all the warm places. you will be arctic warfare trained guaranteed and its a 3 month stretch in norway, and on ship all the time with the marines jumping in and out of helicopters and flying around with all your gear on and 105mmguns slung underneath. the all arms commando course is hard. you will probably have to do a beat up first and its a massive beasting, lots of yomping and upper body work. you would enjoy some and hate some.All the tests and most of the 10 week course is absolutely honking. lots of gucci stuff tho and it brings your field skills right up there. you will be absolutely hanging out freezing hungry tired beyond belief in bits with all sorts of injuries and diseases and still be expected to perform.. much the same as after a saturday night out in cheeks in aldershot at 3 oclock in the morning looking for the kebab shop.
    good luck.
  9. ijustreadthatandgotaheadache.
  10. Don't go Cdo or Para trained go POSTAL!!!

    Yes I am standing by for the return fire.

    ps wherever you go on Ops or Ex, we go.