Marine Le Pen's Pissed Off with Madonna


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Madonna should watch her back. Miss le Pen is clearly very clever, as she has worked out how to light a cigarette with an iPhone.

There's an App for that...
They just bitter because it was an elderly has been and not Shakira.

Gratuitous shot of Columbia's finest bit of Leb.
At a concert in the French capital on Saturday evening, the American singer showed a video in which Le Pen's face appears with other well-known figures including Pope Benedict, Chinese leader Hu Jintao and US Republican Sarah Palin. In the clip, shown on a giant screen to accompany the song Nobody Knows Me, Le Pen, 43, appears with the Nazi symbol overlaid on her face, just before an image resembling Adolf Hitler.

The image sent a ripple through the crowd at Le Stade de France, where Madonna was performing as part of her 80-date world tour.

The Paris concert, which was not sold out, is one of two French dates by Madonna this summer. She is due to perform in Nice on 21 August.
France's Front National to sue Madonna over swastika image | World news |

It's unlikely that the Nice gig will sell out either.

If Madonna ends up making a big contribution to Front National's campaign fund, that will be news.

As long as Madge keeps her kit on now and doesn't try to simulate sex with some homosexual dancers anymore. The poor little ******* must be traumatised having Old pointy tits molest them in the name of art

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