Marine Issue Artic Square Indivdual Cooking Pot

Does anyone know where I can get one of these as a surplus item?I think they might be issued with the Artic stove to the Marines ?
Do you mean this one Walt?

I heard somewhere that they're not making them anymore, maybe keeping an eye on ebay might the best option
That'll be the carry case for the stove then. Top tip, don't use this for prepping water for brew or rations etc as you will end up with poisoning from any fuel that will remain in the container and you have a ring like a blood orange for days. It will do for boil in the bag though.

Just use a metal mug like every one else.
Concur with Strima - not a good idea to drink water boiled in the carry case.
Fuel will leach into the aluminium and be released back into the water when you boil it.
I had one of these tins but it was second hand and although i love brewing up with the taste of petrol, it got on my tits.
My advice is try and find a brand spankers one and don't use it for the peak stove then it'll just taste like it does from a mess tin

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