Marine honoured with George Cross

Well done that man, balls of steel.
Well done L/Cpl Croucher, his section commander was an old mate of mine from college...
I can still hardly believe the size of them.....

Fair doos. Hat doffed.

Now go and say sorry to your mum for worrying her sick and promise never to do it again.
Good effort that Royal. A nice 60th belated (28th Oct) Birthday for the Rubber Daggers (RMR) too.
iamalondoncrab said:
Absolutely nails!

Does this mean no more 'rubber dagger' BS from the regs? :wink:
as if :twisted: "if you'd been a real dagger you wouldn't have set the tripwire off :D "

massive respect to the bloke
I mean, what can you say to what this guy did?

Titanium nuts of the largest size available is the absolute minimum.

I know this is a minefield, but he should have got a VC for this at the very least. He truly earned it!

Not "in the face of the en" so no VC.

What was the grenade / IED? Any idea?

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