Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Decide what exactly? I know a digger driver and a blacksmith who both turned into women and either one of them would have made a Royal or Firefighter when in their original state.

    I've got a lot of respect for them, if I was dressing up as a woman in secret that's how it would stay - in bloody secret. I doubt I'd have the courage to front it out they way they have, and the jolly best of luck to them for all that.
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  2. I'd bum him/her.
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  3. Fixed it for ya.
  4. You had to make it all serious didn't you!
  5. Oh FFS...:soldier: There's one of these trans-gender persons in my village. He/she even goes to my sister's church. I'm not sure if he has gone "all the way" yet but he is taking the hormones and has developed some amazing knockers.Nice chap/chapess but when he speaks you have to give your head a shake as his voice still has that masculine ring to it. ^_~:p:p
  6. Consider the line drawn.
  7. "She passed out as a section commander and went on to serve for six years, including a stint in northern Iraq and southern Turkey. It was a life she loved."

    So, as a booty was it a he or she?

    Its all too confusing.
  8. See? It's the natural progression of that Marines thing of them dressing as women....................sort of
  9. Will you go for a reach around? This has got to be a PARA vs Booty thing... but I can see where you're coming from... those be lady's hands.

    So given that he/she is in effect a ladyboy with family jewels intact, the following is just confusing:
  10. I deffo would
  11. Good Luck to her I say. Not my type of woman but then again I wouldn't date a proper Fireman either unless of course I was trapped on the 2nd floor in a blazing house fire and the date was "hey, meet me at the bottom of this ladder"
  12. I like nothing better than to dress up in the old Duchess's frocks and sit around our gaff doing our nails together. It leaves me with a warm glowing feeling. I now have the confidence to go to Tesco's in my Ugg Boots, Pyjama bottoms and a puffer jacket with my curlers in. I even mince about the make up/feminine hygiene aisle. I might go in for the false tits malarky in the new year, but I'll never go the full op. I like wanking too much.
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  13. Fuck off Jimmy the Duchess died long before you.