Marine Engineering?

Discussion in 'REME' started by SantaSpud, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Hello, i would just like to know if there are any officer postitions or whatever in REME that deal with ships/marine engineering/naval architechture and the likes.

    I have looked on the site but it wasnt too clear so thanks for any replies.
  2. Only marine engineering we really do is with the Royal Engineer Boat Troops, and even then it is very basic. Outboard / inboard motor repairs, and Hydro Jet propulsion (Hamiltion / Dowty)

    I think there is still a REME post out in the Falklands that deals with RIBS

    But nothing As far as osmosis treatments and vessel repairs go.

    Unless anyone knows any different?

    Maybe you should try the Senior Sevice for boats!

    *EDIT*- afterthought!!!.... we have shipwrights down in Southampton (working with the RLC) but i doubt if they actually build ships anymore, I think they just do welding and fabrication. (correct me if i am wrong, but i have only met one shipwright. i always thought he was a metal smith until he told me otherwise!)
  3. Marine engineer is a trade within the Loggies.

    Pop over there and see if anyone can help.
  4. From an Officer perspective, there's a post at HQ Land, there's the OC at 17 Port & Maritime Workshop in Southampton and then there's the likes of the HQ ES Officers in Cyprus and the Falklands, but only in an Engineering management responsibility. I dare say that there's others within the RM world but nothing in REME as grand as 'Naval Architecture', although we all like looking at a few.

    REME Shipwrights are generally based in Marchwood near Southampton, have personnel deployed in Cyprus and the Falklands and pretty much maintain the hull and fittings and steering mechanism I think. Incidentally the responsibility to support RE boats and OBMs was transferred to REME in 2005.

    If you come from this field and are looking at a career then how about Defence Equipment and Support, currently doing a lot of rearranging but there are teams that manage eveything from big ships down to Sea Survival Equipment.
  5. I think you'll find that the RM don't do any engineering apart from VMs. Their OBMs (including SB) are maintained by RN personnel at SNCO level who do not have encumbent Engineering Officers to 'manage' them.
  6. Santa Spud, sadly no real Officer career in Marine Engineering in the Army - or REME for that matter, apart from the posts described above.

    You could try the Merchant Navy - or the Real Navy if you're interested in wearing uniform doing that job, and it's not a bad lifestyle, complete with relevant qualification that line you up quite nicely in civvy street afterwards.

    Apart from that, there are companies that support the RN's fleet, and also as mentioned up a few quotes - defence equipment and support, which I believe do offer some kind of graduate training scheme - but check the paperwork first - a mucker of mine got caught out by not reading the fine print.

    Good luck.
  7. Best go tell the Engineering Officer at 539 ASRM he's make believe then?! Also pretty sure that ALBION and BULWARK EO's provide support to 6 and 9 ASRM as well.
  8. I thaught it was navy marine engineers at 539 or at least thats what i had been led to beleve from a friend who was there. He was commando trained mind but not a marine.
  9. Marine Engineer is a RLC soldier trade and deals with the vessel automotive and electrical systems. For officers in RLC the long maritime course qualifies them to do various command-type jobs with the landing craft, etc but that is not a full career employment even though they may be able to return to 17 Port & Maritime Regt at various stages throughout their career.
    REME has the Shipwright trade which is a combined welder/carpenter/plumber-type role and essentially maintains the hull integrity and internal infrastructure. There is 1 x Capt plus 1 x Maj at the Wksp in Marchwood but these are 2 year posts only.