Marine Engineer

Hi chaps,

Just to quickly fill you in; I've been a TA Signals bod for a few years now, and unfortunetly it looks like I might be losing my civvy job sometime in the new year.

I work as a (unqualified) diesel fitter for a marine engineering company and have done this job for just under two years.

I was thinking about going regular as a Marine Engineer in the RLC. This might be a bit of a blessing in disguise, because I would gain recognised qualifications in my chosen trade, with trade training lasting 49 weeks.

I've done a bit of hunting around, and aside from the recruiting website, the only thing I can find out is that 17 Port & Maritime Regiment RLC is based at McMullen Barracks, Marchwood.

Any ME's here? What's the job like, do you keep busy or is it all just guage watching? How many ME's are there, alot or few? What's promotion/payscale like? What's Marchwood like? Should I just feck it and joing the (gasp!) Navy instead?

Soz for all the questions, I'm just completely in the dark about this trade, I didn't even know the army had ME's until about a bloody week ago!

Any other comments positive or negative much appreciated, cheers for reading.

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