Marine Engineer...

Just a quick one, does any one know of a temp ban on transfers to this trade? (due to overmanning). And do we have any RLC Marine Engineers who are members of ARRSE?
If you are a Marine Engineer please pm me as i have a few questions to ask, thank you. Triggy...
Oh well, bang goes any annonymity.

Over manned....I wish.

I've not heard anything about a ban on transferring in, but I've not had much contact with the school recently.

Fire away with your questions, perhaps in the open would be better so that others can benefit, I've been an ME for 7 years.
Been able to confirm this this morning.

No transferees to Marine Engineer are being accepted at the moment, however this is not down to overmanning. It is due to there being no controls on who can transfer. To join up as an ME you require quite a high GTI score, I forget what the requirement was exactly. There are no tests in place at moment for potential transferees to prove they have the aptitude and ability to pass the course. This has meant that a number personnel have turned up for the course and fallen at the first hurdle. Until there are some measures in place to ensure that only people with a good chance of passing the course there will be no transferring into the trade.
Just to clear this up. There is no Temp Transfer ban. We have stopped all transfers to ME due to the questionable quality of personnel that have been put on course in the past, the GTI score for new joiners is 55, but there was no check in place for transferees.
This may be resolved in the future with a new Training Instruction, but nothing on the cards yet.

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