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I've been offered a job as a logistics marine engineer. The information I have been given suggests that I will gain a level 2 NVQ on completion of class 3 training. Could anyone tell me what qualifications I will gain at class 2 and 1 training?
Where are you getting the info you currently have? I may be able to tell you if it is out of date or current. The training for Marine Engineers has undergone radical changes in the last couple of years, when I went through HMS Sultan the class 3 was 13 months long, now it is some thing like 6 months, the class 2 has changed from being a 6 month classroom job to being a work book based affair which can take as long as it needs to, once the book is done, there is an oral board to sit, after which a class 3 engineer is up graded to a class 2. The class one is now a year long course at Sultan, I'm hearing from the guys on it at the moment that it is pretty much exactly the same as the class 3 was when it was a 13 month long course.

Bearing in mind that the courses have changed, but the job description for class 3,2 and 1 engineers hasn't, the quals achieved by each upgrade should be similar, if that makes sense?

I am a class 2, and have been since 2006.

During my basic training at ATFC Arborfield, I completed various city and guild key skill courses, and completed an Engineering Foundation Modern Apprenticeship.

My class 3 gave me an NVQ 2 in Engineering Maintenance, C&G certs in Basic Engineering competences, Engineering systems maintenance (part 3) Electrical and electronic craft studies (part 2, electrical plant utilisation and marine electrical plant).

My class 2 didn't get me any civvy recognised quals at all, it was made up entirely of Naval courses that future employers may consider, but are not accredited by anyone.
It's from the A4 sheets the careers office give out. According to the sheet i get a L2 NVQ and other things as part of a foundation apprenticeship when I become a class 3. It is supposed to take 49 weeks at RNSME Gosport. Getting a driving licence is part of this though and I already have one so maybe it will be shorter for me and others in the same situation. Quite a bit if information on gaining class 3 really, but not much on progressing further.

What is the difference in tems of technical duties between different classes?
I'm not sure how long the class 3 course is now, didn't think it was that long anymore.

As a class 3 you would be a 2nd engineer on a mexeflote raft or an RCL (for as long we have them) Mexe work involves as much if not more work in the maintenance shed as on a raft at sea. Class 3 clankies are not supposed to work unsupervised (this a direct result of the lower level of training they now receive I believe)

Upgrading to class 2 and getting your lance jack opens up a chiefs job on a CSB (solo engineer) or a mexe. It also opens up a posting away from marchwood and in some cases class 2 engineers have covered for class 1s in kiel.

Class 1 enables you to work on a work boat, chief an RCL (req sgt at least) or go down and do a tour in the falklands (as a cpl) or as a cpl you could go

Get promoted above sgt and you're into the world of desk jobs.

Oh yeah, if you're really lucky as a lance jack class 2 or cpl/sgt class 1 there's the chance of getting attached to THEM for a couple of years, or as a cpl you could get RM Poole.

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Class 3 training is now down to 18 weeks 2 days. This will give you the equivalent of the Engineering Foundation Modern Apprenticeship.

Class 2 is as Bovril said for the time being.

Completion of the Class 1 will give you the Level 3 Advance Modern Apprenticeship.

The courses are at present evolving further with a reduction in training time, but not in the qualifications gained. This is only due to training being more focused on the Army's boats as opposed to the Navy's requirements for their engineers.

And yes, you will get your driving license as this is a requirement for the Class 3 Engineer. You will either do this between Phase 1 and starting your Class 3 or soon after your class 3 as you will not be fully qualified, refered to as at OPS (Operational Performance Statement-fully trained)- until you have done so.

Hope this helps

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