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Marine dismissed for criticising Obama

Despite repeated warnings.....

Prosecutors said Sgt Stein repeatedly ignored warnings from superior officers, and that the postings were in breach of military regulations.

Sergeant Stein has been in the Marine Corps for nine years, and is due to finish his service in four months.


Also the Prez is the Commanding Officer of the USMC, unlike USAF, Army, Navy etc. I mean directly in command, as far as I understand.
Certainly for any of their officers, if they get caught so much as dissing either the president or Government publicly then its an immediate sacking, do not pass go, do not collect $200

Its only one step better than so many of the countries they hate, at least they dont shoot them...yet


Book Reviewer
Will the two congressmen and the ACLU be paying him his benefits then?

Thought not.

He knew the rules, chose to ignore them and is now paying the price. No sympathy.
Obama's a ****, but he is the **** In Chief. The Sgt knew the rules, so I'm afraid I can't feel any sympathy for him. No matter how much I agree with his views...:roll:
Obama's a ****, but he is the **** In Chief. The Sgt knew the rules, so I'm afraid I can't feel any sympathy for him. No matter how much I agree with his views...:roll:
That's you not getting into America ever, ever, ever again.

For the record - I love Obama (holiday is already booked)
Its old news, new story.
How many times have we heard similar stories about plod being sacked for posting bone comments about life in the fuzz etc??

Post it once, and its in the public forum forever.
Does the 1st amendment to the bill of rights not apply to the Military? They still have second amendment rights in the Marine I assume or in this soft and cuddly pc world, do they rely on hard looks?


He obviously wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. There's been a disturbing habit of ********* posting incriminating stuff on the net lately.


Ah, I did misunderstand, just read the wiki:

"- The seizure or defense of advanced naval bases and other land operations to support naval campaigns;
- The development of tactics, technique, and equipment used by amphibious landing forces in coordination with the Army and Air Force; and
- Such other duties as the President may direct.

This last clause, while seemingly redundant given the President's position as Commander-in-chief, is a codification of the expeditionary duties of the Marine Corps. It derives from similar language in the Congressional acts "For the Better Organization of the Marine Corps" of 1834, and "Establishing and Organizing a Marine Corps" of 1798. In 1951, the House of Representatives' Armed Services Committee called the clause "one of the most important statutory – and traditional – functions of the Marine Corps." It noted that the corps has more often than not performed actions of a non-naval nature"

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