Marine death sparks fears of incurable new superbug

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, May 24, 2005.

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  1. I know that yannie posted this (or attempted to) but i feel it deserves some real debate.

    This is a horrible way to go, but really there was no way that it could have been stopped.

    article from Torygraph

    In my view, the main reasons for the return of infections such as TB and HIV/AIDs and the emergence of new diseases such as MRSA and VISA, include poor hospital hygiene, over-prescription of anti-biotics, in-apporpriate administration of antibiotics (ie not finishing a course) and the laxidazical attitude of the biotech sector in regards to the need for new anti-microbials.

    In order to over come these problems, we must address all of these point and not just one or two, other wise the infections WILL overcome us.

    Conversely, it could be viewed that this is one of natures way's of controlling our number and improving the strength of the human race (in terms of survival of the fittest)
  2. It's nothing new if you think about it.
    It's just a step back in time, to before the "God's Bullet" of antibiotics.
    So you will learn again to keep wounds clean and attend to your hygiene.
    Maybe the boffins will come up with something new, maybe the current top flight of anti-biotics will stave off the worst for another couple of decades, but they'll evetually go the same way no matter how careful we are.

    Maybe it'll solve the much lamented welfare problem. The poor are generally less resistant to infection due to lifestyle/diet.
  3. A bit of plagiarism here but thought it made interesting reading. According to today's Mail it isn't anything new (like BB said):

    Not only is the statistics in how fast it can spread and the likelihood of survival frightening but also worringly is how seemingly obscure it got here in the first place. We should be secure in the knowledge that this country has at least beaten it twice already but how can we rely on the same national medical services (nhs) that 'conveys' the MRSA bug as it is?

    What a waste of a young potential life :roll:
  4. Who privatised hospital cleaning ( sorry tendered it out ) to the lowest bidder ?

    Who encouraged her farmer mates to fill cows full of antibiotics to improve milk and meat yeilds ?

    Who created a underclass of homeless people who dont wash properly, who act as resevoirs for MRSA, TB and a dozen other bugs ?

    Maggie Thatcher

    Who will never be held to account for these or any of her other crimes ?

  5. Not nice,

    Woodbury common has always been honking.

    Anyone who has been at CTC for any time will remember the joys of woodbury rash and other ailments

    I was hospitalised and on IV antibiotics with a Knee the size of a watermelon, (two days before my final exercise)
    The cause..... Breaking the skin on my knees while crawling through the tunnels and getting some nasty bug in my knee joint

    laid up for a week then slackers duties for a week.
  6. Firstly, my condolences to the family of this young Marine.

    Its quite shocking that the Vets Surgery that I took my cat to on Saturday was cleaner than the hospital my Nan is currently recovering in after major surgery. I was appalled at the state of the place with the same shit and dirt on the floor that was there on my previous visit. I was tempted to grab a mop and bucket myself

    We have co-existed with bugs for thousands of years - it seems that in the last 50 we've been fscking about with the balance of things and forgeting the basics of hygene
  7. The cause of these "super-bugs" is multiple......poor hygiene in our hospitals, visitors not washing their hands and having poor hygiene, over use of antibiotics, improper use of antibiotics, not finishing the course of antibiotics, use of antibiotics by the farming industry to safeguard their bloody cattle......and the US allowing any fecker to buy antibiotics over the counter....I'll stop there folks.

    What is needed is cleaner hospitals, controlled use of antibiotics and fecking farmers not being given the sodding stuff
  8. It is unlikely that the administration of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals to animals will be stopped - there are too many vested interests. The farms employing the worst of the intensive farming methods tend to be either part of big companies or reliant upon supermarkets and food processors. Will the government act? Not whilst the owners of supermarkets and food processing companies are amongst the biggest donors to Labour, and are appointed to unelected positions of power in government.
  9. When I was a kid, if I cut myself whilst climbing trees or the usual kids stuff, the wound would always go septic and pus up. I can't remember the last time this happened. I still cut and puncture myself but I guess the background dose of anti bio's we pick up from our food medicates against this. Frightening. 8O
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Did yah pass?
  11. People, voters, who wanted the the NHS to be more business like and waste less of their taxes

    People, voters and consumers who wanted supermarket food and didn't give a toss what country it came from or what it was fed on as long as it was cheap.

    Whatever God you believe in, 'cos there's been people like that since we were all living in caves and ugg-ing at Raquel Welch.

    Don't blame anyone for anything till you've had a really good look in the mirror.
  12. Everyone has MRSA, or at least Staph Aureaus naturally on their skin. It only becomes a problem when you get a cut and a compromised immune system.

    Impetigo is caused by SA, hence the golden/straw coloured discharge, however when it hits other parts of the body as an antibiotic resistant strain it's a major problem

    Hospitals do provide alcohol wash dispensers, but enforcing their use isn't something the nursing staff have time, really, to do.

    What needs to happen, as other posters have said, is the proper adminstration of antibiotics. Currently they seem to be used as a cure-all for any little sniffle, rather than letting the body sort itself out. All it needs is one colony of bacterium to survive the antibiotics and an immunity may be developed. I work in a pharmacy occasionally, the number of people who return antibiotics with the phrase "The symptoms went away so I don't need to take anymore", it's scary.

    Finally, all that aside, condolences to the family of this RM recruit.
  13. Nothing to do with the people running the system then? I hear lots of stories about dirty hospitals etc. What I don't hear is the workers saying they haven't got the tools. (I'm prepared to be beaten up on this because I don't have much to do with the NHS so could be well out of order)

    Farmers were pumping up their animals long before Maggie came to power. Her government is responsible for doing sod all about it though.

    No underclass before Thatcher then?

    Sincerest condolences to the family of the young bootie but let's not blame Maggie for everything that's going wrong in the country today.