Marine cleared of killing wounded man in Fullujah

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jailorinummqasr, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. It would seem that the US marine who killed the wounded 'unarmed'/'insurgent' is likely to face no procesuction.

    It raises some interesting questions about accountability of US personnel in Iraq. It makes me feel even more uncomfitable about being anywhere near US servicemen in Iraq.
  2. a cover up? by the US? about an incident relating to Iraq? surely not!! not even our Govt would stoop that low so theres no way that the septics would!! :roll:
  3. Is it not just the case the the marines conduct was deemed acceptable (if slightly distasteful viewed afterwards) in the combat environment he was fighting in (injured insurgents blowing themselves up and playing possum)

    Or is that the USMC dont want any (more) adverse publicity over their tactics? :?
    Im not entirely sure what i make of it, but it did seem that he was concerned as to the threat posed to him and his oppos by the injured insurgent.

    Your thoughts on it

  4. Good.
  5. The septics claim that he could have been wired with a booby trap, if so, then why did they walk immeadiately up to the now dead but unarmed insurgent grab him by the feet and drag his body away from the wall?
    Surely this would have triggered the booby trap they feared that he was rigged with!
  6. Many of us saw the video.

    The USMC has been taking fire from the building, they cleared it and killed an occupant.

    Moral: if you shoot at trained professional soldiers, you pay the consequences.
  7. these marines hadnt been taking fire from the building, if you watch the clip these marines walk up to the building and meet other marines leaving the building, ask them if anyones in there alive or armed.
  8. "The USMC has been taking fire from the building, they cleared it and killed an occupant.

    Moral: if you shoot at trained professional soldiers, you pay the consequences."

    So whats the moral for shooting at the USMC then? :wink:
  9. in fact in quite suprised that the septics didnt open up on the other septics leaving the building in the first place!!
  10. BB

    I am not sure that was correct, from the reports of the incident at the time. I understood that a USMC patrol had taken fire form the Mosque 24hrs earlier, they cleared the building and left the three people in the mosque after removing wpn from the guys, and providing basic first aid they moved out to complete their mission. A subsequent patrol was then sent in the next day to secure the Mosque again and deal with casualties.

    If this version is correct, then the incident does raises a serious question about accountability.

    Many arrse users have anecdotes about the US in Iraq either engaging or nearly engaging UK call signs, how soon will it be before someone's vehicle takes a few 100 rounds from 0.5" Cal? And little Johnny comes homes in a bag?
  11. unfortunately it wouldnt be the first time the septics have sent some of our lads home that way.
  12. Just wondering, did anyone see any weapons in the building, other than in the hands of US marines?

    The question of 'clearing' the building has already been disposed of in another thread, including by Baghdad-Brit.

    The 'clearing' of the building took place the previous day, insurgents were killed and wounded. The wounded were quite rightly given first aid on the scene, but due to the fog of war were left on the scene and the survivors were still lying on the floor when other marines visited the following day, resulting in the incident we saw in the video.

    Also, the building had already been checked out on the second day, by a second group of marines, who are seen in the video leaving the scene satisfied that it was safe, when a third group arrives and one of that group then feels it necessary to shoot the casualty who was unwise enough to be seen breathing. I have little doubt that the marine in question genuinely FELT threatened, unlike his colleagues, and that this along with the stress of battle and his medical state was the basis for the decision not to prosecute.

    I think there have been suggestions that there had been fire in the vicinity on the 2nd day. If so, any firing had ceased and the 2nd group of marines had already been into the building and were coming out when the 3rd group turned up. 'Breathing' is not the same as re-opening fire.

    (minor self-edits for clarity)
  13. Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six. IMO you are given a gun sent out to a "combat area"where shots have been fired previously, (no doubt briefed on each and every threat you might meet on the way), you go into a "cleared" building, your shit scared and a supposedly safe/dead body moves. What exactly are you going to do, see if it goes boom or shoot. Personally, when I (yawn, pull up a sandbag etc) was in Basra I was shitting myself, I was so hyped up Mother Theresa could have lobbed me a scotch pie and she would have got it. It dosn't matter how many people were there before if the unexpected happens to you you can only react a number of ways. Any yes I have seen the video, warnings etc are for gate guards on Bikini black, not scared men with guns in "combat areas", training will only take you so far, I don't think there is a scenario on the DCCT or range practice that covers this one.
  14. if you read the other posts or indeed watch the footage youll find that that as the section approached the building they were greeted by another section leaving the building, there was dialogue between the 2 groups in which the approaching sect were informed of who was in there and that first aid had been administered.
  15. Compare the way this was handled after the event with the way our guys at Breadbasket were tried at court martial for beasting guys who later walked away.