Marine Cadets Army Cadets Are they different?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Dukie, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. I always thought that Marine Cadets were no different. All the ones i've met just seem to be half the height!! Anyone know if they are the 'commando cadets' or are they just jumped up army cadets?
  2. Marine cadets are part of the SEA CADET CORPS nothing to do with the ARMY CADET FORCE .
  3. and they were the blue berets with red patches....
  4. It's the kids mate, in my old school, the y7's were legally obliged to be 1/2 inch shorter on average than the previous y7.
  5. In my experience... you could always tell the marine cadets because they were the short, fat ones who couldn't swim......
  6. Speak to antphilip for the headsup on Marine Cadets as he was (is) an MCD Instructor.

    Essentially some SCC units have a MCD (Marine Cadet Detatchment) and they do everything a Sea Cadet Can do as well as a full array of booty type subjects.

    essential differences between MCD / SCC / ACF are - sea cadets and ACF are rewarded (promoted) through a system of points and courses, this (Some feel) breeds an air of oneup manship and "im alright jack" attitudes... MCD cadets only get promoted through recognised team skills and course that promote team work.

    now not starting fights or a he said she said reply here - i am a SCC instructor but ex Army (and spent 4 years attached tot he RAF) so i am a little neutral.

    and yes, they are small, gobby and some are fat.

    (duty rumour is the Marines want to take full resposability for the Marine Cadets including a rename to Royal Marine Cadets, this will be closely watched by the Royal Navy to see if it works as the Marines benefit from a healthy intake of recruits from MCDs and the Navy would like more stock from the SCC but often disagree with the SCCs Tree Hugger style of management - a rumour that will probably still do the rounds for many many years - i first heard it 4 years ago)

  7. So do you have to do a selection or is it just an open organisation like other cadet corps?
  8. Selection for cadets !!!!Dont be daft .Just go to your local sea cadets they may have Marine cadets there .
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  10. I'm too old to be a cadet but i'm looking into it for my nephew who is 13 and wants to be a Marine Cadet and eventually a commando!?
  11. Do you reckon him and American_Dominion were having a competition? Besides, its not the fact he posts so much, its the fact hes so offensive in every thread :? Must have a whole field of potatoes on dem shoulders...
  12. heres the link to the national SCC Website - use location finder to find your nearest unit, it will mention if it has a MCD or not.

    Get stuck PM me.

  13. No, its like joining any of the cadet forces as a cadet or as an instructor.

    for cadets - just turn up and get enrolled.

    for adults - just turn up and ask for a brew.... this is the modern day shilling, then theres masses of paperwork to fill out including a CRB Enchanced disclosure to make sure you are not a kiddy fiddler.

    start as a CI or TI (Civilian Instructor or Training Instructor) and then after 9 months become P/Sgt, then do some courses, get some quals and do another qualifying period, become a Sgt (MCD), then its up to you what you do next. to become a C/Sgt you need to go to Lympstone and do the "hinderance course".

  14. My thoughts on this organisation are coloured somewhat by certain individuals so I'll stay somewhat silent on it. I will however point out this.

    A small acf detatchment i visited recently had more gp rifles there than I saw most of the time on a company level in the MCD.
  15. There were some Marine Cadets at our Rememberance Parade and they looked the business. The dress uniform was very smart and they knew how to march.

    It was quite embarasing because they showed up some of our guys in the TA :oops: