Marine Ben McBean London Marathon

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Tremaine, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Linky:

    Westcountry Marine Ben McBean who lost two limbs fighting in Afghanistan will run Sunday's London Marathon to raise money for injured comrades. This Royal Marine praised for his bravery by Prince Harry has also contracted MRSA, so he's had it pretty rough. And, Ben's raising money for Headley Court.
  2. An amazing young man. Donation made.
  3. From the BBC:

    From the MoD Oracle:
    Ben will be giving blood, sweat and tears for this but is still around £2,500 short of his target, so if anyone is feeling generous, please throw a few pounds his way.
  4. Fabulous news! As of this evening, Ben has exceeded his target:

  5. Well done Ben - people keep giving, maybe we can double his original target!

    Ben, you're no 1. :1:
  6. What an amazing young man.
  7. Well done Ben
  8. Learnt a few lessons from Ben this weekend, there are a lot of people talking about Ben down our way. Guess we never stop learning however old we are. Was never a Marine myself, but I might be right in listing the RM ethics Ben might have drawn upon to get through CTC, and in combat, and during his marathon stint today. Please excuse me if I have it wrong.

    Humility, courage, fortitude, unselfishness, professional standards, determination, commando humour, cheerfulness.

    The other Forces have their own admirable ethics, and all in all we have the best, here in Britain and the Commonwealth, known to man.
  9. Good one Ben !!