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  1. Hey all,I'm not a user of Marijuana,But I'm asking on behalf of a freind how long do you have to be free of marijuana if you want to join the army as a junior soldier?

    I have a feeling that aslong as you don't smoke it whilst serving,You can be a bigger stoner then Bob Marley as a civvy.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I don't think the posts below this one are going to be very nice...
  3. Unless the posts below this are constructive in their response,I couldnt give a toss if they aren't nice..
  4. I can see you going far in the Army, probably to the med centre with a split lip.
  5. It should not be in your system by the time you've joined, as it'll fail a CDT if you get one near to joining. If you've used it in your civvy life, be honest and tell them the circumstances.

    Tell your 'friend' to quit the hash.
  6. ive heard that 6 monthes was recomended. And once in no drug taking of any type will be permited. just cos your on leave doesn't mean your exempt from the law of the land.
  7. Jack Daniels,
    Post counts mean nothing.

    And it is GENUINLEY my freind,I've never touched the drug in my life..Nor do I aim to.
  8. What part of ZERO TOLERANCE does your "friend" not understand?
  9. you fella are a tool.
  10. Shite! Being told off by a 15 year old hard case.

    *runs off to hide in cyber land*
  11. Jack leave MDN in his bed to get your own back!

    But seriosly josh arguing back like that doesn't realy give the right impresion for a life in the forces. (maybe the crabs, maybe)
  12. I was thinking of phoning him to come and help me out, for some reason I have his number!!
  13. Hello,

    I am the culprate my friend is enquiring on. I am the one who wants answers to his question. Now, without any debates or the 'slagging' off with one another. Can someone be kind enough to even answer my question? Never, have I touched drugs in my life, maybe 5-6 times (weekly), and that being only Marijana, and that being the ONLY drug I have taken. All I need to know is, is that I'm hoping to join AFC Harrogate this September, how many months clear of it do you have to be?

    Thank You!
  14. Apologies?
    A holes
  15. This has to be a windup.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.