Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Nov 27, 2017.

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  1. I have heard all sorts of stories about weed mixed with all sorts of things. Never seen any evidence, apart from East Asian imported criminal's (grown in the UK) hydroponic stuff sprayed with hair lacquer to look like resin on the buds.
    Which is in itself a direct negative result of prohibition, giving the control of supply to gangsters instead of being able to regulate the quality of it though existing consumer law.
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  2. Yep, it the government's fault for not letting people use it , same as it's the victims fault for being in the way of the blade or bullet I presume?

    ....and in dat dere Lundun they do all sorts with weed to bulk it up - but as you've never seen it, it can't really be true seems to be your reasoning?

    Even it was regulated, priced and sold officially, there's nothing to say that people still wont use the dealers as they do for those selling fake designer goods such as booze, clothing and fags?

    I mean why pay the government price for it however low it may be, when you can kid yourself that the man on the corner is selling exactly the same gear only cheaper as there's no tax to pay innit? ... or the stories will come out that it's spare government stock being sold off cheap ...people will believe what they want, to justify buying it from the man....and whatever happens it'll take a generation or two for the stigma attached to it's use to be not looked down upon by employers, vehicle license issuing authorities, etc.

    Mate, do you thing... puff away.

    No worries for me
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  3. You know 'weed'. Or crack. Or meth. Same thing, you smoke it....its a drug....

  4. The basics of dealing drugs (any). Sell shit or cut stuff, you won't get repeat business, you'll end up in debt to the dealer above you. Sell stuff that makes your customers ill, or dead due to what you've cut it with (not likely with weed). Expect a visit from one of your customers or friends, also visit from further up the chain of dealers. They won't be there to ask questions either.

    Most drug deaths are due to over purity, not what it's been cut with. Also when you hear a report on the news that a person has died after taking illegal drugs, usually a bit later when the toxicology report is done other drugs and alcohol will be involved. The popular mix is alcohol, prescription opiates, benzodiazepines, and methadone, these legal drugs (however acquired), when taken together, for example alcohol and opiates both will increase in potency, and are CNS depressants. Death is usually due to this combination not the illegal drug taken earlier.

    Drugs are cheap compared to a full night on the piss. People will and do pay extra for consistant 'high'. There would be very little room for big profits on the black market.
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  5. Doing a bit of research after reading this thread I've come across a UK based headshop online where you can buy cannabis seeds - only for educational or display purposes of course...
  6. Plenty advice available if you wish to make the step into further education...
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Seeds are not illegal.

    The 'War on Drugs' was lost before Ronnie Regan lost the plot. Fact is, drugs (tak, coke, smack or the big pharm Co's equivalent) are endemic.

    Two ways to go.

    1) Continue The War On Drugs. Ask your local Chief Constable for his / hers view on that one.
    2) Admit that a lot of citizens actually like getting stoned (drugs, a glass of Merlot after a hard days work - whatever)

    Drugs and alcohol have no place with people who hold a warrant card, carry a licensed gun, drive a motor or operate heavy machinery.

    That said, if I wish to get off of my tits I would rather the profit went to Government rather than Chechen thugs.
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  8. I was actually researching CBD rather than weed. As I've mentioned before I spent 8 years from the age of 15 totally off my box but only ever used weed to come down off the hard stuff so I have a fair idea of what's what.

    What surprised me was that a UK headshop can advertise cannabis seeds for sale legally simply by putting the proviso that they're only for educational purposes.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If only this was NAAFI Bar.
  10. Same in a lot of places, perfectly legal to possess seeds but the second you germinate them then that changes. Laws per country are different, in Belgium they won't bother you if you have one feminised plant, Holland lets you have 5 plants before they start tutting, and unless you were a complete tool I doubt UK plod would bother you if you had 3 plants.

    There are people who collect seeds of all kinds, not just places like museums, and if they don't get germinated then they don't produce anything so where is the crime?

  11. Better get the back garden turned over ready then :p
  12. Indoors is easier, think of how much sun you don't get.

    Off to B&Q you go!
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  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Save yourself the ag. Get onto the dark web and search for TheIronDuke-drug-dealer-of-choice.

    We have a Christmas Special. 2-4-1 while stocks last. Quote promo code ARRSE007 and remember to 'like' us on TripAdviser.
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  14. Maybe you're right with high grade and charlie and other powder based stuff?.. ( although it's not what the cops say) and people around here will smoke what they can get and aint too fussy either way , so selling a bag of gear means that you could be buying chopped up leaves, oregano or other shite added to it as a make weight

    At least my theory about users defending it has been proved wrong... oh wait!

    Anyhoo, i've always liked this song , came out when i was a mere teen and the weed was ganja and nothing but ganja.

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  15. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    No, because if it were legalised, the illegal local cultivations run by organised crime groups would eventually shut down purely on the basis that they couldn't compete with both demand and the economies of scale.

    Pricing would probably fall in line with tobacco making it impossible for them to compete on price. Even if they did, their supplies would run out quicker due to the large uptake and increase in general use.

    The police would continue to shut down illegal unlicensed farms as well.

    In the end good old capitalism and free enterprise would defeat the criminals.
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