Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Nov 27, 2017.

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  1. Can't be arrsed mate.... you'd only fecking deny it or anything else that shows that it can feck you up....

    In your haste to defend it you keep ignoring and over looking the multiple times where I've said that it helps with a medical condition, pain relief, etc., then I've no objection with it's use - but then again, you also deny that it can cause other health problems, so nothing new.

    We've pretty much finished this haven't we?

    You and others defend its use , I mention the problems that I've experienced with it - we both stick to our mantra.

  2. Well there we go. The voice of reason. Well done you.
  3. Read the multiple links throughout the thread.

    Seems like you may have just jumped onto the latest post and not bothered you arrse to go through the posts where they are plenty of links.

    ....and you don't partake either?

    types of spliff - Google-Suche
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  4. Cheers, but you know that 'reason' is all relative and based on our own perceptions of what is and what isn't reasonable.

    Strange that it took me to come out with it though?.....don't suppose you would have suggested it?

    We'll never need to find out now will we?

    Laters, enjoy your one skin.
  5. So, as expected, nothing but bluff, bluster and spittle as is your usual.

    And do point out where I have denied that marijuana can cause other health problems, for I never have done such a thing and have very openly stated that it can cause mental health issues with those who have either undiagnosed psychiatric illnesses and/or are susceptible to such things, as well as how abusing the stuff, much as with alcohol or prescription medication can do the same.

    Don't bother coming back, for we know you have nothing of note to reply with whatsoever.
  6. No he's right, nothing specific to marijuana in it. Apart from possibly the mention of COPD.

  7. ..and of course, you comments are just bang on 100% correct?...

    Yep, feck you and your defence of things that has caused pain and anguish to many.

    Your dull repetition of what suits your agenda is just like being next to the semi stoned cnuts who want to talk to me at parties with their long winded bolloxs answers to every fecking thing. ... they're convinced that only they have the wisdom and knowledge to know the truth as well.

    Go smoke a spliff mate..I don't GAF, just don't smoke it near me.
  8. And COPD is applicable to smoking any substance, not just weed, but the health risks from smoking weed were mentioned by myself and others earlier.
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  9. More of the same, no argument whatsoever, just bluff, bluster and floods of spittle.

    What a shock
  10. well, that's all good...I was mainly talking about any weed type drugs that can be smoked, not any one particular drug per se....most people know that , and also that weed smokers will smoke whatever they have at the time.

    No worries.

    let 'em all smoke their lives away
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  11. Your reverse-o-cycle must be getting pretty worn out now
  12. Mr kettle calling..... doing the same as me but refusing to accept it as like many users, he has to focus on a small thing and drone on about it ad nausm.

    Bore off mate ..go roll a fat one and let it all drift away in a cloud of smoke
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  13. So not talking about the subject of this thread then? OK.

    I don't know what you mean by "weed type drugs" TBH. It's either weed or it isn't. I also don't know what you mean by "and also that weed smokers will smoke whatever they have at the time."
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  14. Didn't you know that we buy aldi tea bags and roll them up too?

    And dust, don't forget dust...

  15. yeah, you may be right?'s all drugs to me maan, usually weed or weed mixed with this and that? ....people might like to convince their selves that they are smoking the good, non harmful shit, seems they'll also smoke any shit if that special breed aint available ....