Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Nov 27, 2017.

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  1. Back in the UK.

    What is the latest “ street “name for marijuana?

    Asking for a friend , medical for Parkinson’s.

    No shit replies please , he is in a bad state and I have read the weed does help.
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  2. I think if you ask for cannabis they will understand.
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  3. He may be able to get something on prescription, or he can get a certificate so he doesn't get done if caught by plod. You'd need a decent source as well, some of the urchins do all types of tricks with it to get the weight up.
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  4. Can, do UK Drs prescribe it? If so ,I will ask. Thank You.
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  5. I am sure you can get it in a medicinal format, a tablet I think. Obviously he would have to be seen by a GP. If you go the other way and get it off the street, just be wary of rip off and stuff that's maybe had sugar sprayed on it, they do tricks like that to get the weight up. I am sure you can get a certificate as well, so you could grow your own and be ok.
  6. If you buy street drugs you will end up with sh1t. There is no proven medical benefit from smoking cannabis [source, my brother who is one of Canada's top pharmaceutical chemists] and you risk contamination from all sorts up to and including carphentanil, the newest drug of choice which is 10,000 times the strength of morphine. Oh and just to be sure, "It's for my arthritis/MS/any other illness" will not stop you getting nicked for it.

    Oddly enough - again according to my brother - the medical profession had been looking at cannabis for fekkin years and they have yet to come up with any definable benefit of it in its most common forms. Your 'friend' may experience some mild pain dispersion but then comes the paranoia, delusion and ultimately full blow psychosis that follows.

    Tell 'your friend' to go to stick with prescribed medicine - that way they will stay 1) sane and 2) alive
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  7. I have (legitimately) through work had some dealings with some people involved in the legal cultivation of cannabis in the UK

    I think one of the products you are looking for is called Sativex
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  8. There's plenty of 75- 80year olds around you can ask.

    I suffer from intermittant joint pains, and it's a definite help.......

    No chance of getting any off the NHS, sadly
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  9. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The reason the pharma world has been looking so intensively at Cannabis all these years is that if they can prove major health benefits, it'd be a huge boost to legalisation and they'd be the ones raking in the cash from their legal, professional cultivations.
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  10. The reason they don't want marijuana legalised, is it's so easy to grow illicitly, and a little goes a long way.

    Alcohol is bulky, takes a lot of time and expense, so easy to control and tax.
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  11. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    grow your own , go to a head shop get the seeds and plant just one or two . keep them in a nice plant pot well fed and warm and bobs yer uncle .you don't need all the fancy gear. However from personal observations i would give the skunk a miss. its far too strong and does , definalty does cause brain damage so your mate wont want that will he ?
    I have been on coursed and programmes with poor sods who have phycosis and other mental health issues owing to skunk abuse . young men at that .
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  12. Now, I'm not saying that a top pharmaceutical chemist, has a vested interest, in dissuading people from using a natural plant, they can grow themselves for pain relief...
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  13. I've seen a video clip a number of times supposedly Cannabis helping a mans Parkinsons, it worked in seconds which it can't do. Another point the tremors he was suppsedly having doesn't look like Parkinsons.
    Then if it makes someone feel more chilled then crack on but I don't think it's going to cure any of the things people claim it will. A lot of medical conditions cause a great deal of anxiety, I expect a lot feel better because they aren't as anxious.
    I think very few will experience mental illness from it's use.
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  14. Its described as Spliff, as in I need a spliff ( a construct of weed or hash and tobacco). You could say something like, I need a spliff has someone got some weed, or green. Price is about £10 g. If you pay more than this you are being ripped off, as is often the case (its drugs innit).

    This advice will perhaps get you by in the south east but as locations change so do dialects.

    Growing is not at all easy and its all over until May next year you need lots of sunshine.
    Loads of websites for growers.

    Have fun.

    BEWARE OF SO CALLED LEGAL HIGHS. (nasty chemical shit)
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