Marijuana Mom and the Cannabis Kid

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. From CNN December 14, 2009 9:18 a.m. EST
    La Veta, Colorado (CNN) -- The crop has been harvested, and Diane Irwin's secret technique paid off.

    "Every morning I would go out and talk to my girls," she said, "pray over them and ask them to provide good medicine."

    Her "girls" are marijuana plants destined for her son Jason's medical marijuana dispensary in Denver. At 48, she has just wrapped up her first season as a pot farmer. Her 62 plants yielded 13 pounds.

    Irwin spent most of her life as a hairdresser and salon owner in a Denver suburb.

    "I was into makeup and high-heeled shoes and fancy clothes and working -- a lot," she said. "I sold my salon and moved down to the country. I wanted a change of pace."

    While Mom was looking for a midlife career change, her son was building a medical marijuana business, legal in Colorado since 2000. Diane Irwin loaned him $10,000 from the sale of her salon, and he opened Highland Health, a dispensary where patients who have been certified by the state can buy marijuana.
  2. crikey what next?
  3. Weed is one of the oldest forms of pain relief in the world. To my understanding it is now legal in some American states, providing the have medical reason to take it. Patrick Swayze said it helped him with pain relief in his battle with cancer.

    Can't see a problem with it, on the proviso that the individual has medical certification to take it.

    and......before any numpty I don't take it!
  4. Hemp growing in the UK

    - but before everyone rushes to the Outrage Bus I'm told that it is of no worth to the druggies
  5. That's correct, I think they usually have signs up around the fields saying: "You'll need a joint the size of a telegraph pole to get any pleasure from smoking this stuff."
  6. The surgeon who put my spine back together after a rugby injury suggested I use the stuff, less addictive than morphine and a few other painkillers that are on the market. It relieves the pain plus I get the feeling back in my legs, we should be able to get it on prescrition.
  7. They have been growing cannabis plants at the Eden project in cornwall for years, sell hemp clothing & display the early ropes of the navy also made from hemp. As a medical pain killer I don't see a problem with it, man made chemicals like Tramadol do at lot more damage.

    From the Eden project

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