Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

CBD is not psychoactive; the WHO guidance is clear. It’s available without prescription from health food shops.

THC is psychoactive, but only in its decarboxylated form. In the plant and in cold extracts it is in the acid form of THC-COOH. Burning decarboxylates the THC, removing the COOH molecule. That’s why dope smokers smoke marijuana and don’t eat salads of cannabis.

In theory, one could heat a full spectrum cannabis tincture to get high, but no one sane would do so. It would be a very expensive high. CO2 extracts can be made for vaping, but not with MCT oil as the solvent. So nobody buys full spectrum medicinal marijuana products for their psychoactive effect. In reality making cannabis oils removes cannabis from the recreational market.

So what we have is a situation where the authorities ban a product because one of it’s ingredients could be abused if it wasn’t processed into an oil.
Can you not use the full spectrum oils in a cookie or a jelly.
Also the last time I was under the influence of the weed, it was because I had had two lemonade drinks which we were under the impression it was CBD only, it turned out they had THC as well, possibly activated by the heat part of the canning proccess. I was buzzed but not wrecked.
They had been given away at a 420 event where I gave a short talk on the use of hemp in land recovery and flood mitigation. How the several slabs got through customs I don't know, unless the ingredient label wasn't added until after import and no one read the Dutch, (Dutch for THC is THC as it happens).
Can you not use the full spectrum oils in a cookie or a jelly.
Of course you could, but there’s no logical reason why you would. Generally cannabis processed to produce a product that gives a high is decarboxylated before process.

Why would anyone buy an oil that has been expensively cold processed to burn when they could buy weed from a dealer for far less.

Responsible producers go to very great lengths to avoid decarboxylation. Raw plants are either processed or frozen within hours of picking.