Marianne has problems with her puppy !!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joshua Slocum, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. well it seems this bint tried to go into Harvey Nicks store in London, ( posh shop for OK YAAHS and Ruperts)
    they did not want her and her mutt entering so she commited a cardinal sin and touched, yes touched a security guard on the schnoze
    so they fucked her off and she ended up down the cells
    meself I would not have a problem with her dog, but her face would turn milk sour
    oh she wants to sue them now for a few million quid
    what does the Arse community think ?

    12-03-2013 16;27;48.JPG
  2. Shame her first name isn't Dorothy. Oh the shop-name-based-laughs we'd have. Well, I'd have.
  3. My thoughts exactly; the pooch can come in but that dog has to stay outside!!

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  4. Dunno who she is, but I do wonder what medical costs she had to treat her "injuries", when she probably went down the A&E...pity they didn't treat her face.
  5. Looks like she was head-butted in the fight with the security guard? :?
  6. She looks mental and I dont mean in a good way but bunny boiler. Dig in lads if you want to bone that, I value both my nuts and sanity.
  7. WTF would you name a dog Dorothy?
  8. Too true, too true...
  9. She looks like she's spent the last 20 years sniffing glue
  10. Because it sounds better than Toto.
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  11. I bet she collects her pubic hairs and keeps them in little boxes !!
  12. I wonder how many arrsers will get that?
  13. Which one's barking?

  14. "SOOOOOMWHEEEERE, over the RainBOOOOOOW......"
  15. Stutter?