Mariah Carey Saved America...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Just read one of those gossipy celeb bits that pop up as ' news' on the weeb when you're looking for something important and I fell off the chair laughing..

    Mariah, of some unfathomable reason is the third largest recording artist in the world [ ranks just behind Elvis and the Beatles - go figure ].. so has some clout somewhere, I guess..[ her airbrushed and CGI pose for her new album is a lustfilled artist's fantasy work ]..

    anyway.. Mariah claims that her mega movie flop, Glitter, helped America recover from 9/11 by providfing a welcome respite from the depression that incident brought to the land by giving America something to focus negative energy on.. Glitter became the scapegoat/dumping ground for ' bad vibes' and that's why it tanked at the box office, but that was good thing for the country as it helped America heal after the shock of the Twin Towers..

    interesting hypothesis, if a bit of a stretch, but then, who am I to question a mega millionaire recording star when she speaks from a position of authority on grave matters? I got to admit I laughed big time and felt better for it after sitting through Glitter [ forcibly, I will attest ] at the ' behest' of my good lady...[ for her a ' chick flick'- for me an upchuck flick: chacon a son gout ]
  2. Rocketeer you have stumbled upon one of the worlds great mysteries. Apparently Miss Carey has sold zillions of CDs including half a million in Australia. There are 20 million in the population so at least one in 40 people should have a copy.

    But I have not met a single person who will admit to buying one nor do my friends know anyone who owns one. Who the fukc is buying them? Or is this one of the music industries tricks?

    Does any one on ARRSE have a Mariah Carey CD? Come on own up you bast*rds.
  3. I don't have her CD but I have a mate who's 'had' her - Oh, & Michaela Strachan.



  4. I bet MDN has her whole collection, right next to the complete works of Wham!
  5. Lucky lucky b@stard
  6. YEP Me i have brought all 1/2 million of them, and picked them up for a decent price of 2 dollars, not to bad, as i can now use them instead of clay pigeons, hellva of lot cheaper, and more fun!!
  7. Apparently she has the most no 1 hits of any female recording artist too.

    But Birdie is right, who actually has one of her CDs?

    and Rocketeer, you know you loved 'Glitter', admit it :lol:
  8. RC:

    I will, after hours of torture [ i.e. - watching it again on enhanced director's cut DVD ] concede that it is exponentially better than Britney Spear's ' debut ' flick , Crosswroads... but still an abuse under the Geneva Convention..

    I recommend that every insurgent in Iraq and Gitmo be shown these two films back to back - guaranteed to make them cough up the missing WMD's...

    Extremists around the world use these two films to disabuse their followers that American culture is to be ' envied' and emulated...
  9. I understand that during the Panama operation when the Spams used the Psyops guys to encourage Noreaga to surrender by blasting his house with music 24/7 he withstood the classical stuff, the rock and hardcore but folded before the end of the first Kylie number.

    Have they no shame?
  10. I would still shag her rotton :twisted:
  11. Does she still employ a lacky to blow coke up her arrse? :)
  12. Who? Mariah or Kylie?
  13. Sure he has, and Kate Adie during GW1, Mother Theresa, Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth the I...I personally have just got out of a three in the bed sex session with Eve (she is looking her age mind) and Cleopatra...
  14. You have sat through both of those "films"? 8O

    I'm beginning to worry about you Rocket!
  15. I used to spank the monkey raw thinking about Mariah in her early years - no wonder they sent me to Bosnia!