Maria, Joseph, Grease - Any Whining Shoite Will Do

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SlimeyToad, May 5, 2007.

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  1. Can these people stop their blithering whining for two minutes?

    I am sick of seeing supposedly grown men and women blubbing their piggy little eyes out as they go on about how much they are desperate for their 15 minutes of fame, how they have worked all of their pathetic short lives for this moment and how much the world owes them a favour.

    Now, if being voted off meant being anally ravaged by MDN for an hour or two or being battered to a bloody pulp in a dingy dark alley by Geordie I would weep with them but such a fate does NOT await them.....although it should, both, and in either order.

    Her Indoors has just pointed out that I'm a fcuking hypocrite cos I watch it in the first place.

    Should I accept this criticism or should I kill her?
  2. You should do both - you're clearly at least 50% homo for watching that chod, but you should give her at least a light beating for being a gobshite.
  3. not a clue what programme you're on about.
  4. liar liar pants on fire :D
  5. seriously. only embarrassing programmes i admit to are casualty and the apprentice.

    is it some reality tv shite again?
  6. I think it's all those really appalling tv shows the they put on for our delight on Saturday - thank god I record stuff in the week to watch at the weekend

    only one I will admit to is Heartbeat - it's for the scenery honest!
  7. CR,

    The West End Theatre has jumped on the bandwagon of attempting to find new and rising stars at the total cost of the square root of fcuk getting us mullets to phone our votes in and vote for our 'favourite'!!

    They did it with the current West End show 'The Sound of Music' by running a programme called How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria and are now attempting to repeat the formula with Joseph & His Dreamcoat and Grease.

    Anybody can join in and as per usual you get the ususal mish-mash of professionals, gifted amateurs and (in the early stages at least) complete and utter untalented retards - this is by far the best bit and I have shed more than a little drop of wee wee laughing at some of these knobbers.

    It did work (to a certain extent) with Maria as probably the best artist won - but she wasn't the fittest so should have been expelled by default - but on the new runs some of the judges are already whinging that it's looking like a popularity contest and that better artists are being voted off. Err, what the fcuk did they think was going to happen?

    Oh FFS, I am a 50% homo - I know far too much about this shoite.

    PS. The missus is sporting a rather fetching black eye!
  8. First it was just Pop Idol now this shyte has totally infected the weekend schedules.
  9. oh fair's fair now girl...the soundtrack is dead good too :D
  10. You're still watching it? I am one of those who watches it for the first few episodes to see the people with -99 degrees of talent make cunts of themselves.

    Subsequent episodes merely resemble Friday evening karaoke at the local, minus the piss stained floors and the smell of vomit.
  11. Any Gay will do

    Its embarressing to see fully grown men cry becuase we dont love them

    bwahahahah weep on homo's