Margret Beckett - radio interview comments

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pielover, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. From todays Mark Steel column in the Indy: (Sorry for the cut and paste - i'm thinking of becoming a journo so I'm getting some practice).

    Not one bit of Beckett's answer made sense, especially about being too early

    Published: 20 December 2006

    How about this for a piece of prose. Margaret Beckett, asked on radio yesterday whether she opposed the latest report that claims the war in Iraq has made the world more dangerous, said: "Well, yes, I might well, um, yes, it's a very serious, um, discussion and it's not, um, er, one for doing in two seconds early in the morning, but I would say that a lot of these contentions are flawed, er, but certainly the underlying thesis that we've been because it's not just in America or Iraq the argument is that we don't have any influence in Europe."

    Maybe this is a new low in journalism, because they were clearly interviewing the poor woman so early in the morning she was talking in her sleep. They probably cut out the bit where she was asked about ID cards, and answered: "Peweeugh, I've lost the custard powder watch out for bandits abawau the caravan's got a puncture."

    Or this could be the Government strategy for interviews, in which ministers play random word association. And when Blair gets back from Dubai, his first reply to a reporter about his trip will go: "Iraq oil olive stuffed Ashes soot chimney Santa Happy Christmas everyone."

    Not one bit of her answer made sense, especially the part about it being too early in the morning. Did she think they'd say: "As yet another report claims the war is a disaster, with me is the Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett. Margaret - what's the weather like where you are?" We can't have a Foreign Secretary who won't discuss foreign policy before elevenses. Are they all like this? Does Gordon Brown say: "I won't even look at the economy before the end of Cash in the Attic."

    But then she got worse. On two separate occasions she said that Tony Blair had never claimed Saddam was a threat to Britain. So she was reminded about the claims made by Blair that Saddam could launch his weapons at us in 45 minutes, and she said: "That statement was made only once - and nobody thought it was relevant." Not relevant! It was the argument that justified the whole escapade. The Nazis should have tried this at the Nuremburg Trials. "We only mentioned the final solution once and no one thought it was relevant."

    The report that caused the upset in the first place was from Chatham House, which described the war as a "terrible mistake". And the language of these groups is usually incredibly measured. If they were publishing their findings about the Charge of the Light Brigade, they'd say: "Within certain quarters there existed a tendency towards erroneous calculations with regard to the outcome of the charge." So when they say "Terrible mistake", that's official language for: "Look what you've done, you steaming *******!"

    So Margaret said the group hadn't said that at all, actually, even though the bloke running it was there, and said that it had. This is a similar strategy to when the head of the army said the war was going dreadfully wrong, so Blair claimed there was no disagreement. Soon they'll say: "No, what Saddam actually said was he recognises the difficulties but hopes by being hanged this can help establish a democratic free Iraq. And vote Labour."

    Almost every week now a group of ex-Generals declares the war a disaster, but Blair still beams that it will all come right, and even informs us he's the man to bring peace to the rest of the Middle East. This is despite the fact every Palestinian hates him for being the only leader not to call for Israel to stop bombing Lebanon, and Iraqis hate him to the extent that 61 per cent of them support attacks on British troops.

    And they've all become so out of touch with reality that they can't answer questions about the war without talking gibberish. Poor Margaret Beckett might as well be replaced with a two-year-old child. So an interview would go: "Foreign Secretary, yet another report refers to the war as a fiasco," and she'd answer: "Look. Bus. There's Bus, daddy. Big bus." Then the interviewer would have to say: "Well, you've heard the minister's reply. Mr Galloway, how do you respond to that?"

    Possibly the only reason they get away with it at all is because most people are so cynical now about the politicians who caused the war, there's no level of deceit that surprises them. People are no more outraged than if you said: "You know that burglar who lives over the road. Well, you'll never guess what he did - he burgled someone."

    But the carnage goes on, and with no change in the levels of incompetence. For example, Bush has just sent 1,000 staff to work at a new embassy in Baghdad, only six of which speak Arabic. Somehow this is still better than the British effort, because at least the other 994 speak English, which appears to be something our Foreign Secretary can barely aspire to.
  2. I heard the interview, it's like she's trying to re-write history or something. I'm glad a few good journalists, esp. on Radio 4 have long good memories, and most importantly, archives.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I'd have liked to hear her. She was on a couple of days ago and again was swearing black was white.

    I do like this bit. Did you hear him this morning telling the Arab nations to unite against Iran? Who does he think he is? The new Mohammed? 8O

    From anyone else (other than Bush and his tribe) there may have been a sympathetic ear. As it is, he will simply compound the problem. The only person who still thinks he has influence in the Middle East is Bliar himself. Fool
  4. Part of the interview was replayed this morning's edition of Today.

    A remarkable lady, can't tell the truth - but what do you expect from a former leader of the Labour Party?.
  5. Also heard the dulcet tones of the only person to have challenged the former Iraqi Information Minister for the international 'head in the sand' title. Or the GWB 'Mr Gibberish 2006 Award'.

    IIRC, when told she was getting the FS job, her response was 'FECK!' That interview showed why - so far out of her depth that she's wading through whaleshit.

    Apparently, according to the Becketti Information Minister, we did or didn't believe Saddam had WMD, we might remember 'someone' metioning 45 minutes but it wasn't important or relevant, Iraq did or didn't pose a threat to the UK, sorry region, the evidence given by Carn Ross didn't count as it was volunteered, the report from Chatham house didn't say what it said, and 'LALALA I'M NOT LISTENING YOU NASTY MAN' And apparently everything in the Middle East is lovely since TB has decided to go and patronise some foreigners, sorry perform the role of an international statesman.

    Better than Two Jags for incoherence. And this represents the UK on an international level? All she can do to 'bring peace' is by boring people to sleep with caravanning anecdotes....
  6. Heard the interview. When pressed by the interviewer she adopts the patronising schoolmistressy stance that Patricia Hewett used so ineffectively with the nurses.

    Before dismissing Carne Ross so lightly, perhaps she should have read his evidence to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee:

    Beckett is a woman for whom the phrase 'utterly, utterly useless' could have been specially written. Worringly, she is absolutely typical of Bliar's mendacious cabinet, who simply will not accept responsibility for anything.
  7. a particularly unconvincing performance from La Beckett this morning

    now we're told that Iraq was never presented as a threat to the UK, only to the region

    wtf was this then?

    Tony told us the threat was from WMD which Saddam might pass to AQ to attack UK and others

    fuggin liars
  8. I hate this woman.

    When the political harry blackers started to peel off the 45 minute claim exposing the Celestial Navigator's twitching arrse to public scrutiny, Sticky was enjoying a nice mug of rosie lee and listening to the radio in his little hidey-hole. Suddenly this shrill harpie was heard to defend him (now there's a surprise) by spouting more inaccurate cobblers.

    Her argument went like this: "Well no-one really expects the Prime Minister to know the technical limitations of these weapons, after all Winston Churchill [this fatuous comparison of the great WSC to the tawdry little wanker was the cue for the first spray of tea to hit the carefully assembled collection of course photographs and assorted militaria] didn't know much about the forces under his command..."
    "Yes he bloody did you pig ignorant, arrse-licking fuckwit!" [more airborne tea and a dented radio].

    It was then that it struck me...the reason that these people think that they can say whatever they like is because of the ease with which we now broadcast the spoken word. Its easy to do and we have a 24hr news machine to feed so lots of it gets much that it's impossible to transcribe it all so unless you remember it...its gone. The only deterrent would be the knowledge that the journalist to whom you are speaking has a good education and can think on their feet. Sadly, if this is the case, they don't seem to think it appropriate to challenge bollocks like this at the time of spouting.

    Beckett's remarks are like a verbal smoke grenade. Tossed in an emergency in order to obscure the facts and buy time with something that lacks substance.

    Well done Mark Steel; may God lend strength to your powers of recollection.

    Did I mention that I hate Margaret Beckett?
  9. When are we finally going to reach the conclusion that Iraq was 100% the fault of the armed forces, mainly the army.

    History will show, at least according to Beckett, that at no point did the UK Government want to go to war. If it hadn't been for all of us gung ho "let's go and kill a few" military types saying how much we all wanted to go and start a war, Blair, Hoon, et al, would never have considered it.

    To see, our beloved leader being castigated, overseas, at home and throughout the worlds media, as a lying, spineless, control freak is just not on. His nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is richly deserved, for standing up to the UK's miltant army and our increasing demands for equipment, resources, clear mission, etc.

    I wouldn't trust Margaret Beckett to write the editorial for Caravaning Weekly, to hear her "diss" the abilities of Carne Ross at 7:15 in the morning is brilliant. Radio 4 - The home of radio comedy.
  10. Very similar to my own response, however I then lost track of the interview for 30 secs whilst the wife ripped into me for swearing in front of the mini-TMWs

    The caravanning liar is not the most aggravating cabinet member, but then she's got stiff competition with Prezza and Hewitt and "Orange" Hayne and Browne and Brown and er, all of them really, not forgetting TCB.
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

  12. Agree completely. The woman makes every bone in my body quiver with anger.

    She seems to display the patronising arrogance so common of many politicians these days - they believe we're not bright enough to make any sound judgements of their fatuous statements, therefore go right ahead and spout any kind of steaming crap. It's a bit like the old adage, 'engage brain before opening mouth' - sadly they no longer feel the need. Why should they? We're clearly not worthy of their greatness.
  13. I heard it! What a complete tosser!

    This woman takes not answering a question to new heights. I thought that Humphries had her caravanning arse backed so far into a corner she wouldn't be able to get the awning up. At least she lost her temper when he pinned her down. Silly cow.
  14. I used to think Margaret Beckett was actually one of the better members of the Cabinet but her grasp of foreign affairs is so patently weak that she has discredited herself.

    IIRC Alan Clark referred to Margaret Beckett in his diaries as "sexy little miss horse-face". :D what a hero