Margate Mayor taken to Court by RSPCA


Margate Mayor Cllr Ted Watt Ruffell is said to work as a manager at a security company. It is believed he was on duty (with the Thanet Council security contract ?) guarding Dreamland amusement park at Margate seafront the night the historic timber scenic railway burnt down (apparently an event not at all unhelpful to entrepreneurs with a vision to build housing on the amusement park).

It is not clear if the security company was/is owned by fellow Cllr Broadhurst who has finally resigned his Margate Dane Valley seat having moved to Panama some time ago and continued to draw his councillor expenses.

Two fiascos followed his move to Panama ... the falsification of an attendance record at a council meeting and the alleged falsification of his first resignation letter. But the second resignation seems to have fitted the requirements so now there will be a cllr by election in Dane Valley ward a seat targetted by BNP incidentally.

Mayor Cllr Watt Ruffell has been asked (accompanied by an FOI application to the council) about:

(1) When Margate Charter Trustees ended public grant funding of the pseudo military cadet group Kent Adventure Training Corps (Actually this was 97/98) and which way he voted.

(2) Whether the security firm(s) with which he has been involved originated from a company who started at Deal in the late 1970s and employed Marines from the CTT at that time ...

My information is that in the 97/98 period the Mayor was Arnhem veteran Roy Ford (Labour) and that he was supported by another ex Para cllr (tory) in ending public funding of the pseudo military cadet group.

Mr Watt Ruffell is obviously a bit busy with his kitty cruelty defence and so I have not received a reply yet ?

In 1989 it was an adult leader of the Kent Adventure Training Corps who featured in our security warnings re Deal Royal Marines Barracks. False Army record got work as a Reliance Security guard at the barracks.

My information is that the Charter Trustees became privy to information that Kent Special Branch were investigating the pseudo cadets in 97/98

If this were the case it would expose that Cllr William Hayton may have perjured in the High Court in 98 on behalf of adult leader of Kent Adventure Training Corps George Richard Maison. He allegedly told the High Court there was no process of inquiry.

Cllr Hayton is the member of Kent Police Authority who later in 98 phoned the Colour sgt (who had witnessed unlawful live fire training of middle easterners at 6th Thanet Gun range) to dissuade his coming forwardwith evidence.

I won't hold my breath waiting for the FOI answer. AS it might well prove perjury and that Kent Police lied to the Home Secretary about the Deal Barracks bombing case during their indepndent investigation into Stephen Lawrence investigation by Met.

Now just who might the gun runner to far right groups in Kent have been ? Why was the BNP expelling East Kent members for taking part in armed training with another group ? And do any of the suspect names also crop up in the Stephen Lawrence case ?

The idea that pseudo cadet groups were used as an explanation for TEWTS (adult "Instructors" carrying out military style training at night) was introduced independent of my concern in 1987 by a TA soldier arrested for paramilitary activity with the said George Maison.


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Am I missing something KK or is your post devoid of any reference to RSPCA prosecutions?
mercurydancer said:
Am I missing something KK or is your post devoid of any reference to RSPCA prosecutions?
I was about to ask the same question!
Where would we all be without Knockknee staunchly (one could even say obsessively) defending the interests of democracy as we know it...

Your life must have been very boring before the Freedom of Information Act was passed... ;)
mercurydancer said:
Am I missing something KK or is your post devoid of any reference to RSPCA prosecutions?
It also appears to be devoid of a point...
mercurydancer said:
Am I missing something KK or is your post devoid of any reference to RSPCA prosecutions?
From the link:-

THE MAYOR of Margate was asked to appear in court this morning (Thursday) charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a kitten.
An RSPCA inspector visited the home of Cllr Watt-Ruffell after receiving a complaint. It is believed the inspector discovered a kitten suffering flea anaemia which later died from loss of blood.
An RSPCA spokesman, said: “He applied for the case to be heard in Medway Magistrates because they know him at Margate.” Cllr Watt-Ruffell was unavailable for comment.

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