Margaret Thatchers Falkands 25 Speech- unedited version

"I would like to take this opportunity to praise the determination, courage and sacrifice of our Armed Forces, especially those men who fought in the Falklands. In addition, I would like to thank the majority of you (excluding a few moaning minnies) who have had the good taste to refrain from mentioning the fact that the Fray Bentos Munchers’ invasion was largely down to the ineptitude of the government I was leading at the time.

"It wasn’t as if we weren’t desperately keen to give the Falklands to Johnny Gaucho anyway. Our secret discussions with a right wing military dictatorship best known for ‘disappearing’ its own population seemed to be going well. For some reason, the inbred Falkland Islanders didn’t seem keen to become Argentine citizens. But given a bit more time, we could have done a ‘Diego Garcia’ on them and no one would have cared.

"Of course, I’d also ordered that oily little tick Nott (Why didn’t he have the common decency to resign like Carrington and take some more of the blame for me?) to introduce massive cuts in the Navy that would have left it unable to fend off an Argentinean attack on the Isle of Wight, let alone retake the Falklands. Then there was the planned scrapping of the Endurance, our only naval presence in the area. For some reason, the Poncho Wearing Surrender-Monkeys seem to have interpreted all this as meaning we wouldn’t care if they invaded. But like all foreigners (with the exception of that wonderful man Ronald Reagan), they were too stupid or desperate to wait a few months, after which we would have been well and truly stuffed.

"Yes, I have many happy memories of that time. None more so than taking the salute at the Victory Parade in London. Some churlish individuals (no doubt members of Militant Tendency and the National Union of Miners) have pointed out that the Monarch is in fact the head of the armed forces. But I ask you, what has she ever done for this wonderful country of ours? Besides which, who elected her? “No one” is the answer! Is it any wonder I neglected to invite her? Also, I think we can all agree that the presence of disabled and limbless ex-servicemen would only have put a downer on this splendid occasion.

"Lastly, I cannot fail to say a big thanks to you all for getting me re-elected in 1983. On the eve of the Invasion of the Falklands, I was the least popular post-war Prime Minister leading the least popular post-war Government (a record I am proud to say I have maintained to this day against some pretty stiff competition). We would have got a right caning at the next election but for your selfless sacrifice. As the First Sea Lord was fond of saying “Cheers Easy!”."

Baroness Thatcher of Scargill

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