margaret thatcher - who will play her???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by growler, Dec 2, 2004.

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    He immortalised dead, drug taking, mystic rocker Jim Morrison and disgraced ex-US President Richard "tricky Dickie" Nixon.

    Now it is rumoured that Hollywood director Oliver Stone wants to commit to film the story of one of his greatest political heroines - Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

    According to The Sun newspaper, Stone wants to turn Maggie's life story into another blockbuster, and has his eye on Oscar winning actor Meryl Streep for the role.

    What either of these two great women think about the idea is not known.

    And there are already numerous names being mischievously batted about in Westminster as the most appropriate person to play her - everyone from Prunella Scales to Barry Humphries.
  2. Julie Walters or Prunella Scales get my vote
  3. Lily Savage would be perfect
  4. Lily Savage RIP.

    Paul O'Grady now :lol:
  5. Dame Judy Dench
  6. Sigourney Weaver, already proved she can play the hard dynamic woman.

    How about the rest of the cabinet of that era?

    Vinnie Jones as Norman Tebbit?
  7. There is only one person for this role- Glenda Jackson
    One of our finest actresses. I do believe she enjoys playing the politician.
  8. Alex Kingston (Boudica)
  9. Barbara Windsor
  10. Sylvester Stallone
  11. Penelope Keith from the good lifes your woman shit hot actress and noggins look similar too [​IMG]
  12. I agree with filbert fox. There is only one actress in the world who could even get near to accurately portraying Mrs Thatcher....

    Dame Judy Dench!!!

    No one can out do her.

    bring it on. i would definitely go and see it (and gladly punch any loonie lefty who tried to protest during the showing!!!)
  13. adrian edmonson in drag
  14. PMSL!!! Buy that man a beer! :lol: