Margaret Hassan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gallowglass, Nov 16, 2004.

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  1. Why?

    I really hope this isn't true.

    What is the point of killing a woman that had worked tirelessly for the Iraqi people most of her adult life?

    I can see the twisted logic behind kidnapping and killing contractors , but why do this?

    Didn't Zarqawi's mob condemn this kidnapping? Ironic I know , but I would have thought there was absolutely no value in killing this woman.

    Rest in Peace Margaret
  2. i knew it would end like this. there is no logic where these fanatics are concerned
  3. Confirmed by Al Jazeera.

  4. The efforts Margaret Hassan expended on the people of Iraq meant absolutely nothing to her killers - she was a white, Christian foreigner, which was good enough to condemn her in their eyes. Negotiate with them? Impossible.
  5. I thought they were more than willing to do a deal for her release, the ba$tards. Although it seems uncommon for hostage-takers to do a u-turn on some decisions, I'm still not convinced yet.

    Its says 'almost certainly' dead; another says "It appears to be true"

    I'm hope I'm not proven wrong.
  6. They have just ran an item on ITN News. A video has been released that shows a masked woman being executed with a single shot to the head. RIP Margaret, and condolences to the husband, Tasheen. I am willing to bet that the vast majority of the Iraqi people are utterly disgusted by this atrocity.
  7. Tragic as it is, it puts the US Marine shooting of a wounded, combatant insurgent in context. This is just murder and an utterly pointless and cruel one at that. Ba*tards.
  8. yes, very true claymore. Unfortunately. it seems like the marine will be the only one who might be punished for his shooting. Some might say deservedly so, not me IMO.

    Like said, if true, they deserve to get the treble than equivalent treatment of that insurgent.
  9. With all the hostages this logic seems to apply. Each and every hostage is a "dead man walking" from the second of capture. These vile animals show absolutely no logic at all and as most of the developed world stands by the addage of "We will not deal with terrorists" it seems like each and every execution is for no purpose other than to revile themselves further against the rest of the world.

    These terrorist groups have yet again taken the wrong interpretation of the teachings within the koran and continue to apply it in the vain attempt to aid their cause. Bush and Blair share no blame, the Iraqi people and the Islamic world as a whole have nothing to do with this. Those to blame are purely these despicable illogical fanatics.

    Yet again my deepest sympathy for the family and lets hope that the coatlition make steps towards ridding this country of such an emabarrasment to the development of Iraq.
  10. In view of what seems to have happened it's probably inappropriate to descend to the merely emotional about it. The logical, productive and profitable approach is surely better. Perhaps a more robust view of the likely futures of known terrorists' families could be made known, unless said terrorists were to hand themselves in for islamic justice.
  11. Thanks Wb (MMMMMMMMMMM Whisky breath!), and amazingly enough that seems to be a reasonably balanced and factual report from the hated Al Jazeera, wonder how that one slipped through?

    looking for an emoticon to indicate irony...
  12. Some posts and replies deleted to keep the lid on things.

    I appreciate the high emotion surrounding this event, but please try and discuss this (hard as it is) in a rational manner.

    On another note, posters who haven't got the courage to stir the pot under their own logins may suddenly find their access to this site removed.

  13. Well we wouldn't want to upset muslims would we :roll: