Margaret Beckett

Just watched Question Time with this delectable babe on the panel. Anyone else got the irresistable urge to give her one where it would most count :twisted: I'd love to give her 158 grains of lead but I'd love to give her one up the pooper first 8)
I'm having difficulty controlling my hormones. The call of her body just does it forme..........however so does a good bacon sandwich!!!!

I'm bad.........and sick :twisted: :twisted:

If the face looks like that what must the flange be like?

no problem! :p

Have a look on channel 5 and send her to USA to have her rat handbag sorted. 8O

After watching 10 mins of this though I think I will give my bacon sarnie a miss in the morning.

Vanessa Feltz always puts me off food 8O
She might not be the best looking little thing, but I've just realised why relations with a politician could be brilliant.

Imagine now that for some reason you've underperformed (never happened to me of course), she's not going to tell you that is she? You two will be consilidating your position, or building to the future or some other ego massage instead of "that was crap, don't call again".

Oh and turn the lights off and I'd probably get dirty with anything (that's pretty picky compared to most arrsers)
Remember rape is not usually a sexual crime but a crime of violence. Other violent crimes could include burning Margaret Beckett, stabbing Margaret Beckett, setting fire to her blimming caravan, burning her again...this list is endless.

The Cuddles Corporation would like to remind readers that sexual and violent crimes are wrong. As is Margaret beckett...
I remember starting a thread in the dark distant past about women you fancy but shouldn't. But fcuk, me she looks like a Spitting Image puppet. Too many teeth, and I would NOT like to sniff the crack of her arrse after a CFT.
She's certainly come a long way since Fraggle Rock. Jim Henson must be very proud.
The Telegraph today likened her spouse, Leo, to Sir Dennis Thatcher, as being good at the cocktail party and a charming ambassador. When I met him on a trade mission a few years back he was an obnoxious bore with the charisma of a chamber-pot. Obviously time is a great healer but this is fcuking unbelievable!
Oforf_Ucksake said:
crabby said:
She might not be the best looking little thing, but I've just realised why relations with a politician could be brilliant.
hell its one way of screwing the system :lol:
I would rather put my bell-end in boiling chip fat...again. :twisted:
I thought she looked quite tasty....I bet you didn't know you could hack into the ward computer with a Fisher Price Keyboard

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