Marchwood Port

Discussion in 'RLC' started by KennyChaos, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone have any up-to-date info on Marchwoods port? It is for sale, it has a buyer, it's not for sale :?
  2. Make me an offer.
  3. It's been sold to an ABP/Bryant Homes consortium and redevelopment work will start in the new year. The regiment is moving a new home in Liverpool docks and anyone that doesn't want to move up north can either transfer to the Driver trade or take voluntary redundancy,
  4. That's quite funny but has a fatal flaw - the 'Regiment' lives in McMullen Bks, not MMP.

    My guess is nobody will want to buy it once they see the caveats we put on them for service provision.
  5. When the barracks is handed over to the UK border agency for use as an immigration removal centre, they regiment will have to move to somewhere.
  6. Cant see that as a "goer", Liverpool Docks are enclosed, deeper draught vessels would need to lock in and out at the top of high water so no way for tactical sailing . OK for small craft tho. Any idea whichj docks are singled out, Garston or North Docks in Liverpool, wont be Birkenhead side I dont think. Worked on the River after I got out, Ohhh thousands of years ago.
  7. I heard from a mate that the money they have offered was too good not to take. They're not moving to Liverpool as money they make will pay for a civvy company to do Sport and Pastime (or the RLC to do skiing).

    After they move the Regiment to Scotland (for ammunition) McMullen Barr-caks will have the new Airborne/marine HQ there.