Marchwood port for sale?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by 94gg, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. I have read that marchwood is soon to be sold, could someone shed some light on this, for instance where will soldiers such as port operators be based?
  2. i had been told cunard were interested,nice deep long quay side and as much secure car parking as you could want.
  3. Jobcentre?
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  4. Ask tsunami
  5. will military staff there jut be made redundant?
  6. Doubt it, it's been mooted that they may be moved to Liverpool or possibly Wales.
  7. Hopefully all made to do some work for the first time in their existence
  8. In the officers' and sgts' messes?
  9. If these rumours are anything other than rumours then why not move them into Portsmouth or Devonport. With all the ships that are being sold off and scrapped there would be plenty of space for 17 P&M Regt.
  10. As with everything in the hierarchy, logic is the last thing employed. :)
  11. Still no word on the sale of the port, however, redundancies are expected in the next couple of tranches across all the trades resident in Marchwood (MEs, Mariners, Port ops etc) coupled with an ever decreasing fleet (down to 12 now) the future of the regiment let alone the port is far from bright.

    Mind you, we had everyone from CDS down visiting last week, so there may be news soon.
  12. after winning the euro million last night i need it for my rowing boat
  13. Probably get bought by Peel Holdings they seem to own everything else these days.
  14. Shag and oil port ops are all miserable theiving ***** from my experience....**** em!