Marchwood accom.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Daleo2981, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi just wondered if anyone new what the single accomodation is like at Marchwood camp. Is it 1 person per room? Or do you have to share? Im thinking of going Port-Op but im 31 so can't be arsed sharing a room with someone.
  2. Are you aware of the values and standards of the British Army?

    One of them is selfless commitment.

    You're 31, so what? The Army is rank based not age based, you'll go where you're put.
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  3. Yes i do realise it's rank based. I was in the army 10 years ago thanks
  4. So you fail at the first hurdle - you Diva
  5. oooh 10 years ago? Why did you leave, cos we had a war on? Hom...
  6. Haha i went to Iraq before i got out. I was young and just got sick of it.
  7. On Holiday ?
  8. So you got out less than 10 years ago, we didn't invade Iraq (the second time) until 2003.
  9. Bloody hell i just said 10 years as a rough guess!? I appologise for getting it wrong! We were just over the border in Kuwait when it started. Anyway is anyone gonna answer the fucking question or what!?
  10. i doubt you ll get any nice answers now!
    just my 10 pence worth
  11. if the question is the OP a shitcunt never served fuckwit ? then yes i will answer the question.."fuck off and die you shitcunt"
  12. Are you one of these people who thinks he's hard hiding behind his computer!? Have you served in the army!? I take it your either a southerner or a jock?? Both arrogant cunts who think there hard!
  13. Bit like you then eh?
  14. Take it no-one liked you 10 years ago???
    I have been to Marchwood, McMullen Barracks.
    Its a Shit Hole. Mind i was just in transit at the time.
    Full of Scouse port ops of the stab varierty.
  15. Your previous service will count for little if anything, you'll just be a nig like every other new boy.

    You should have the advantage of knowing how to play the game, which should see you move along quicker than most.

    I say should, because your initial post is indicative of someone who didn't really get it first time round and using the term 'can't be arsed' makes me wonder if you can be arsed with what is expected of you.

    I think you need to go away and rethink your strategy for this second bite at a worthwhile career.

    You'll need to get in and find out how your pension will work out as it will be affected by your previous service, it'll take admin 20 years to get it right.