Marching with a daysack.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mwoo4222, Sep 20, 2011.

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  1. As a soldier still under training in a phase 2 establishment. I have come across an argument between a few of us on how we are supposed to march whilst carrying a daysack. Should it be the arms locked out at the elbow and swung shoulder height (which looks horrendous when you have a daysack on as the arms don't go fully to the rear) or with your arms being swung in front of the body and side to side? Or maybe any other way? We seem to get mixed responses from higher ranks.
  2. Jesus H Christ!
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  3. Wear the daysack as a rudimentary spacker shoe and swing your arms front to rear, shoulder high.

    Then commit hari kari - you harry.
  4. Seriously?!!
  5. What, with the arms at shoulder height out to the sides?
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  6. Your log in name is ParaHopeful, so that would indicate you are at ITC Catterick, yes? So you actually paid money to use an internet terminal to ask that question. Save your money, ditch the daysack and just wear everything. It works for the homeless!
  7. Another useless airborne wannbe
  8. Whatever you do, dont go tabbing at night with a daysack