Marching through Marlborough!

Good Luck to all those about to cause traffic chaos in the sleepy market town of Marlborough this morning!

Heaven knows what the link is between the Int Corps and the ancient borough - you'd have thought the Town's Elders would have picked a more shiny and 'military' mob to support - my one regret is not being able to slope off to admire the foot drill.
I'm just gobsmacked that a thread with the word 'marching' in a sentence that doesn't end in 'to the guardroom/gaol (jail in newspeak)' has actually been posted in this sub-forum. There'll be a lot of folk breaking out in a cold sweat I think.


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There's a Waitrose there.

The only thing I miss about England ....except Wychwood, Wadworths 6x, Speckled hen on draught, cheap insurance, nothing going bang, no helicopters. Weather's better wee villages and towns completely unflagged and without special needs paintwork
Good Luck to all those about to cause traffic chaos in the sleepy market twon of Marlborough this morning!

Heaven knows what the link is between the Int Corps and the ancient borough -
Did anyone in the Corps go to the school?

Watch out for the robbing barstewards in the tea shops, only place I have ever been where a pot of tea for one costs more than a pint!

Edited to add: Sorry, sorry, can someone please get photographs so I can see if the traditions of the Corps are upheld and determine how many different forms of dress are on parade?
I would dearly love to see some photo,s of that one.

When I first saw the thread title I thought it was referring to that centre of high class entertainment and fine drinking the Marlborough Club.
I am curious to know if the band honoured the late Franz von Suppe for allowing them to take the name of his most famous overture "Die Leichte Kavallerie", one of my personal favourites. I wonder if the Battalion could somehow trip out of step when it reaches its crescendo !!!


I went to School - but not that one - mine was definitely "approved"
Parade went extremely well by all accounts. Well done RSM!
The parade went very, very well. Lots of practise went into it beforehand, there were a lot of people at Bulford who were very surprised to see Int Corps doing rifle drill at 7:30 in the morning! It was a very busy week for 4 MI Bn, especially as a large contingent of those who paraded also attended the funeral of Cpl Alex Concadoro on Wednesday.

On the day itself, the band of the Royal Lancers provided the music and those like me who were rattling collection buckets for the ABF could hear them and 4 MI coming a long way off. The public turned out in very large numbers, shop staff also came out onto the High Street to watch and the local schools turned out en masse. For those who were marching, it must have been fantastic to see such a large crowd, many waving Union Flags and all clapping and cheering. There were lots of family and friends there as well, who had often made very long journeys setting off at dark o'clock. The weather was good too, it didn't start raining until the parade finished.

The drill was good; far, far better than last time we were in Marlborough for the Remembrance Parade in November. All the work on the drill square certainly paid off; though I did have my fingers crossed when they did the fix bayonets and thankfully did not hear the sound of metal bouncing across tarmac....

The people of Marlborough were very generous. When the money for the ABF was totted up yesterday we had raised £1,136in less than two hours. I'm not surprised given how many £5, £10 & £20 notes went into my bucket. One old lady even upended her purse over the bucket and shook the contents out. Marlborough is an affluent town and they certainly showed it with their generosity.

After the parade was over there were 2 options. The CO et al disappeared for the formal lunch with the mayor, but the rest of us went to Marlborough Football Club were there was a decent buffet laid on. The bar staff were very impressed that we got through an entire barrel of Doom Bar in a couple of hours - well done lads!
Speaking at the buffet, the Mayor told Colonel Ben Kite: “All of us who have met your soldiers have been impressed by their intelligence and articulacy, and indeed by what pleasant young people they are as well. And it is good to see that when the occasion demands they are even good at drill.”


Well done 4MI
Crickey! I served with the CO when he was no'but a freshfaced youth straight out of the factory. Good to see he reached high rank (and realisation that I am just friggin' old)

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