Marching songs

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by swifty, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. yada yada tinfoil what now
  2. INCOMING!!!

    *Dons Tin foil hat*
  3. Swifty,

    if you Google cadence songs you will find that the system works.

    Be prepared for flak from fellow arrsers, don tin hat and standby :D

  4. bring the flak then lol. im looking for something without the usmc or us army sorta song, thats al i can pick up

    and why flak me? its a good moral booster for cadets
  5. Swifty, the British Army doesn't do 'marching songs'. They are strictly for pooves and foreigners. So now you know :wink:
  6. *dons kevlar*
  7. Try here. I find it motivating.
    Marching Songs

    I believe a chap called harry shopped here 8O
  8. i dont understand what type of songs your after if cadences will not do it, or do you mean that you just dont like the US lyrics, in which case you will need to make them up, as Mister_Angry says the british do not do marching songs. or do you mean things like sharpe's 'over the hills and far away' and similar ie. songs that where used for normal marching across country in the days before bedfordheli?


    oh and i case it is cadences, the yanks only use them cause it takes the focus of the pain of long marches (until the enemy hear you coming :) )
  9. yer normal sort, like Walkin down canal street, sort of story like but not if you know what i mean

    may seem kidish or whatever to you lot but hey i dnt care lol
  10. Swifty, rather than singing why not teach your cadets to whistle? A good start is the tune most people know as "The Great Escape Tune" or River Kwai March. Its a great one for endex! There are loads or good military marches around with no words.

  11. I hope this is for Nijmegan, thats the only time I have ever heard British soldiers singing as they marched (well bimbled with Dutch children climbing on them shouting "souvaneer"), and then it was very different to the yank cadence tunes.

    You want to look for things like;

    Roll me over,

    Has anyone seen JC,

    4 and 20 virgins,

    The old Wing Co was a merry old soul,

    Shit on that bastard below.

    etc etc...

    Don't ask me what any of the words were I can't remember!
  12. i'm dont know if this will help but you could have a look at some of these here

  13. 'kin marching songs!!! god, we'll be wearing hairnets next!, besides the Boxheads had the best ones & I wouldn't use those.
  14. What about the tune of "SS marchiert in Fiendesland (?)". Obviously, change the lyrics. It was supposed to be an old german folk song i think.

    Why would anyone want to sing when marching anyway?

    Edit: Link to tune