marching compass - BARGAIN

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by walt_of_the_walts, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Get 'em while there hot!

    Okay, its not as good as a prismatic M73, but its £3.99 as opposed to £275!

    It has a MILS and degress card, illuminated sight line and pointer and comes in small black nylon pouch, which I advise you to THROW AWAY and attach it to yourself with a lanyard of para cord in your smock pocket. Its metal bodied, olive green and looks well warry :twisted:

    I've bought 4 for my ATC unit.

    (Note for 5.56 - BUY THIS. ITS USEFUL!)
  2. You would trust a compass from THAT pikey shop?
  3. Hey, don't knock Lidl, many a party has been rescued by them when me and my mates had limited funds and no alchohol.
  4. Pikey? I'll have you know they were selling equestrian supplies last week! How many horse drawn pikey caravans do you see nowadays?

    Obviously posh people who have daughters called Jocasta who have ponies must now shop there...or someone at head office has lost the plot! :?

    Anyway if it points in the wrong direction, it'll bring some added dimension and challenge to the cadets training excercise....I, on the other hand will rely on Mr M73 Prismatic.... :wink:
  5. Chav! :D The great provider, Cider, £2.49p for 3L from Tesco! Now thats what I call a bargan!
  6. ah lest we forget the finest range of motorcycel safety equipment theyve been selling too!
  7. If it is made in far off countries it may not point to the same north that all other compasses point to!
  8. And the finely priced food - as a student I am able to eat like a king. Although, admittedly there are not many students who earn 120 pounds a week for 1-2 hours work everyday, enabling them to eat better than even the toff's being supported by Daddy.
  9. Yes, well at least we can punctuate correctly.

  10. I was referring to the people driving around in classic cars; are you one of 'those'?.. and academically, I should get a least an upper 2:1, and that is without using the recommendations or the extra help offered from the dyslexia unit. I am also employed as a paid assistant to the editor of a respected journal.

    So I'm not really concerned about a stray apostrophe on an internet post - and I probably eat better than you!
  11. Christ on a bike, how much is a silva compass these days? Much better than that tat, plus your kids won't need a protractor. Not as if the ATC are going to drop a fire mission, or march in the pitch black of night is it?

    As for punk-tu-ation nazis, fcuk off and get a life.

  12. [Anorak on]
    It is worth noting that high level orienteering compasses, where speed and stability are the most important factors, you get northern and southern hemisphere compasses as they are weighted to ensure that the needle does not scratch the base.
    [Anorak off]
  13. The only hot things I can see on that link are the BBQ kit......bugger.....
  14. There really are some cnuts about at university, I know the type you're on about.

    Chav, im not a Chav! Its just if theres a toss up between having a crap party and having a decent party, im willing to take a walk on the cheap cider side for one night only!
  15. A silva compass of that spec is £23 to £45 by my reckoning, and having checked it with 2 issue compasses, it is spot on. Yeah agreed, no fire missions, but an understanding of mils is still useful knowledge to impart. And yes, WE DO march at night. E&E, aircrew survival training etc;