Marchers demand apology over raid

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by india-juliet, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Well Well, Dose he suddenly support Brazil in the World Cup all of a sudden!!!!

  2. AH Brazil, that great Islamic nation.
  3. Yes too great Cities, Rio de JanerioStan and Sao Paulostan!!
  4. By way of apology the Met should get down to Argos and invest in "Wahl" hair clippers and treat the suspects to a beard trim (no guard on the clippers).
  5. Can I protest to demand an apology for their protesting?
  6. I suppose the police should be aloud to drag men out of there beds or off a train then shoot em dead or injure them in the name of the fight on terror. Until it happens to you or someone close to you.

    Your more at risk from lightening than a terrorist .
  7. With regard to the two seperate shootings, fair enough they deserve apologies, because they both appeared to have been bungled.

    However, I couldn't give two sh*ts how many times the police have to drag someone out of their bed. Should the police not conduct raids then?

    I don't care what the odds are on me being subjected to terrorism, and I doubt you'll find many here that do. What I do care about however is terrorism happening in Britain. The odds may be low on me being a target but if a bomb goes off, someone from my country would cop it.
  8. I'm sure that bloke missed a sitter against Australia...
  9. Perhaps they can use part of the £38000 in cash found by police during the raid to raise suit against the Met..
    The cash allegedly was being held for their mum, in a locked suitcase...hidden in a basement....of the house next door...which they own too...she didn't want to put it in a bank.
    See....its all a big misunderstanding....bless 'em.
  10. No you're not.
  11. Actually Matt, would you care to tell us where you got that fact?
  12. £38k! that'll be the half of it :D
  13. £38k! that'll be the half of it :D
  14. £38k, that'll be the half of it. :D

    Sorry, problems with my laptop.
  15. Here is my info . Clik bottom link to read full articlal. From CNN website.

    "You're more likely to be struck by lightening than you are to be harmed by a terrorist event," said Bruce McIndoe, CEO of the travel intelligence company iJET and architect of various programs used by national intelligence agencies. "

    Click Here and Read