March the guilty bstard in

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. As the last Private Eye showed, the latest 'confirmation hearings' here are a bit of Old Boys welcome committee, rather than rake over the applicants employment history. So i wouldn't hold my breath on them working here!
  2. Dear old 'poster', 'Old Red-Cap',

    In your dreams!

    We cannot 'accommodate' the filth (criminals) we have already.

    This country, once proud, once trusted, once honest, - is now become a 'shambles'. Why? Because of the mantra, espoused by the 'Stay in Power at All Costs' Party, ]

  3. And obviously, is now illiterate. :wink:
  4. You seem to be suggesting that the system of review does away with sleaze - but surely there have been "unsuitable" individuals who have passed, while "suitable" individuals get manoeuvred out due to political machinations?

    The phrase "is now become" is perfectly valid, if archaic, usage...
  5. In old English, yes, such as, "Is now become corrupted", but not in the context of, "Is now become a". Remember, he's expressing a sentence based on a collective.
  6. indeed it should be "has now become" or "is now becoming"
  7. I've been out-pedanated... I think this is one of the signs from Revelations that the Doom is about to come upon us all...